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Q: When were the slot together toys invented?
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Are slot toys appropriate for children under the age of five How much do slot toys cost?

I don't think that slot toys are appropriate for children under the age of five but it also depends on the level of maturity of the toddler. As for the cost of slot toys, slot toys could cost anywhere from $150 to a $1000.

Who invented toys?

no one knows who invented the first toys. For thousands of years children have had toys. Marbles have been found in tombs of ancient Egypt.

Where was the toys invented?


Who invented toys first?

you mom did

When were tinker toys invented?

in 1913

Who invented stuffed toys?

Margaret steiff

What toys were invented in the sixties?

I have no idea, but why does it matter?

Toys invented in Pennsylvania?

Bingo and the Slinky.

What year were beanie boos invented in?

Beanie toys were invented in 1867.

How do I stop the toys that CrashHelper's Dad sent after me?

Insert quarter into ass-slot to replay the Game of Life.

Who invented the groovy girl doll?

Manhattan toys

Who invented civil war toys?

John canteloupe