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999 AD by Pope Leo III

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What do viking sail in?


When were the viking longships made?

in 3066

How did viking longships move?

By the wind

Did viking longships have punishments?

Yes when viking longships killed another longship they were burned and buried 10 ft under the ground

What were Viking warships called?

Viking warships where called longships they where fast silent and most of all deadly. The longships where long and ideal for raiding

What were the viking longships used for?

Raiding and war

What were viking longships powered by?

Viking long ships were powered by oars and sails.

What is the special name of the viking boat?

Possibly Longships

How long are viking longships?

30 to 60 feet

What was the purpose of viking ships?

they had longships for long journeys

How did vikings get here?

On 'Longboats' or 'Viking Longships' as they are also known.

Why was a keel important for viking longships?

Viking longships, starting in the 700s AD, had a mast with a sail. To make a boat with a sail stable, a keel is needed to counteract the tipping forces the wind places on the sail. Prior to the sail being added, longships did not require or have keels.

What were the viking longships oars made of?

Wood! Oak to be more precise.

Why did the vikings made longship for?

The Viking longships were used primarily for raiding.

What were viking boats made out of?

Viking boats (longships) were constructed from wood, with metal fixings (nails, braces, etc).

What are Viking Longboats made of?

wood! Viking ships were called Longships not Longboats, they were made of timber and ordinary wood

Why were Viking longships the best?

Because they were built for the usage of oars AS WELL AS sails.

What were the big long viking boats called?

They are known, at least nowadays, as longships.

How did the longships contribute to the Viking culture and their final legacy?

i don't know :D

Who invented the longships?


What did the vikings use longships for?

They used the longships for battles. The longship was the strongest weapon the vikings had. The Viking long ships had no front or back, so it was easy to maneuver.

What are viking longships made of?

nails and wood with a addition of urine and feces. also hazrat

How many viking longships came to England?

how many vikings invalided great britian

How heavy were Viking Longships?

Viking Longships ranged any where from 10 tons to 40 tons or more unloaded depending on the size of the ship and whether it was a Warship or a Cargo Ship as the Warships tended to be lighter than the heavier built Cargo Vessels.

How much did Viking longships cost?

The Viking long ships cost around £50.00 at that time but as most Vikings were buying them the price got higher and higher.

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