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Q: When what we expect to happen and what actually happends?
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What happends when an inmoveable object meets an unstopeble object?

That will never happen - it can't happen actually. Any time you apply a force to an object, it will accelerate - its velocity will change.

Could you give Give examples of ironic statement?

Irony is when the opposite of what you would expect to happen actually happens. A firehouse burning down to the ground is ironic because you would never expect that to happen.

What happends to the wavelength of the waves as they pass into the denser medium?

the waves actually gets shorter...............................................................................................

What happends if before you get bit by a vampire?

Human vampires being mythical AKA imaginary creatures, whatever happen is what you dream up will happen.

What will happen on 05 19 13 expect us?

Nothing Expect it. Expect us.

What Is a predicted outcome of a experiment?

It is what you expect to happen before you actually carry out the experiment, based on the knowledge and theory you already have and know. *called a hypothesis

What happens if you fill the garden shed on club penguin?

nothing.But i wonder if there actually is somthing that happends i have dont it

What happends to your sims 2 when you buy sims 3?

they're two different games, so nothing will happen

What does the idiom if you're here for the long haul mean?

Just that you are in for long time work or a long time wait. Normally in the context of not actually expecting something to happen or be ready. It would surprise the person if this actually happen. Possibly in the context of waiting for somebody that one does not actually expect to show up. Regards.

What happends to convection currents when the liquid or gas is no longer heated?

It falls back down

Would you expect many earthquakes to happen along the ring of fire?

Actually i found the answer. A lot of earths plates are found there and they rub against each other a causing earthquakes.

Is it true if you get knocked out cold you pee yourself?

Yes, I have seen it myself. Im not sure why it happends but I do know that it does happen to some people when they are out cold.