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It is projected for a 2010 release.

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When is the thunder cats movie coming out?

there is not going to be a thunder cats movie. I even asked movie derecters and the said no. sorry

When did the original Thunder Cats tv show get released?

The original Thunder Cats TV show was released on January 23rd 1985. The show had 4 seasons and a movie in addition to an animated series airing in 2011.

Are cats afraid of thunder?

Two of my cats hide during thunder, two sit and watch the lightening.

Who are the thunder cats?

The Thunder Cats are a group of warrior cats that are they're own civilisation. It was a cartoon around the late 80's and mid 90's.

Do cats like thunder storms?


How many cats should you have in a thunder clan?

I mean Thunder clan like from the warrior series but you should have 15-20 cats in that clan

Who is the cartoon character Cheetara?

Cheetara was a Thunderian from the show Thunder Cats where she is a member of the Thunder Cats. She is a brave, female humanoid from the planet Thundera.

What are the release dates for Smosh - 2006 Retarded Cats The Movie?

Smosh - 2006 Retarded Cats The Movie was released on: USA: 16 August 2013

Who is the heroic leader of the thunder cats?


When was Tropic Thunder released?

Tropic Thunder was released on 08/13/2008.

How old was Lindsay Ridgeway when the movie Cats Don't Dance was released?

Lindsay Ridgeway was only 12 years old when the movie Cats Don't Dance was released. Lindsay Ridgeway was born on June 22nd, 1985.

Are any cats desended from Thunder?

No one really knows

Why do cats and dogs jump when they hear thunder?

Even though cats and dogs can sense many things before they happen, they don't know when thunder booms, therefore, they naturally jump from fear.

There where 7 cats used in the movie where are the cats now?

Depends...what was the movie?

Is there an animation that is similar to pokemon?

Yu-Gi-O, Thunder Cats

Female cat on thunder cats?

Cheetara. Unless that's not what you're asking?

Do dogs win in the movie cats and dogs?

The dogs win in the movie cats and dogs.

When was the film 'Cats vs Dogs' produced?

Cats vs Dogs (officially Cats&Dogs) was released in 2001 and directed by Lawrence Guterman. The writers of the movie are John Requa and Glenn Ficarra.

Is tropic thunder a real movie?


Does roll of thunder the book have a movie?


Warriors cats movie?

No, there is not going to be a Warrior Cats Movie, as Erin Hunter had announced on Facebook.

Will the warrior cats movie be about the first book or the first whole prophecy?

There is no Warrior cats movie Erin Hunter is trying to get us to have a warrior cats movie but it has not happened yet.

When will the warrior cats movie come out?

In a 2009 author chat, Vicky Holmes confirmed that there were no plans for a movie at that time. No other news has been released. I heard that there are plans for a movie in 2012

Why do they need a thunder to play baseball in the movie Twillight?

because when they hit the ball it sounds like thunder

Can cats hear a thunderstorm before you do?

Yes. Like many animals, cats have better hearing than humans do, and can often hear thunder before we do.