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miindless behavior will be coming nov.10th


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how long has mindless behavior been famous?? they were famous sence 2009.

mindless behavior was famous in 2009 but, made thier album in 2011 september 20.

He is domb and he wanted to be famous but does he realize that I'm not his fan and he is not working as hard as mindless behavior is mindless behavior is cuter and better

Being in Mindless Behavior

mindless behavior became famous because they kissed a girl name every body made...*!lol!*

Some of the Guys in Mindless Behavior

Hey this is ray ray from mindless behavior and to get famous like we did is not to give up and if somebody says they need auditions for singers go audition. keep trying never give up and stay mindless :D

no you do not it do not matter if you are famouse you can go out with anyone

mindless behavior like girls that are pretty smart and have stuff in common and like them for them and not for them being famous or having lots of money

wonderful hot Mindless Behavior

well they went out for an audition in LA and they made it

You can be someone they are inspired by in singing are you be a famous singer like them

the most famous girl he can fined in the school

not really but he's close since he's famous

no unless you r famous and they like ur style

Yes, they appear to be pretty famous. They have released two albums and performed on a 25-city tour.

justin bieber is more famous than mindless behavior beacause mindless behavior hasent been around a long time like justin bieber and justin bieber has more hits on his songs and justin bieber has every thing to poster toothbrushes and shirts and pjs and all sorts of other stuff

No cause he is two famous to have one and talk to his fans

He Auditioned for the group at Midnight In Los angles and he made it .

he a good singer and proud to be on the hit and famous"love them''

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