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You arnt getting one you just get a break on taxes

That sucks, but I guess it works out both ways..thanks for answering

And actually you don't get a break on taxes, only the withholding tables changed, you will actually pay the same tax, just have less withheld during the year.

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When will the stimulus even sent

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Q: When will the stimulus checks be released?
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Stimulus checks?

Will I receive a stimulus check?

Will there be stimulus checks in the mail for 2014?

No, as of September 2013 there is no mention of there being stimulus checks for 2014.

When will the stimulus checks come out?

For the ziilionth time..there are NO plans for any NEW, NEXT, 2009 ot OTHER stimulus checks. Perhaps you should try getting your information from different sources - newspapers, TV, radio....etc..NONE of which ever say or eve imply there will be one.

Will ssi get a stimulus checks in 2013?

will we get a stimulus check 2013

Obama's stimulus checks for everyone are they in the mail?


What are issued stimulus checks called?

Economic stimulus payments.

Is the us government going to send out stimulus checks IN 2012?

The United States government did not send out any stimulus checks in the year 2012. It is not anticipated that any stimulus checks will be sent out in the year 2013.

When the second stimulus checks be mailed out?

No such thing

Will ssi recipients get a stimulus check in 2010?

As of July 27 2010 NO stimulus checks are scheduled to be sent out in the year 2010.

What are the 2009 stimulus checks for?

Like virtually all checks, your option

Are we getting stimulus checks for 2012?

Am I getting stimulus check for 2012

When will the stimulus checks be disbursed for the year 2010?

Their are NO stimulus checks that are scheduled to be disbursed at this time of the year July 22 2010 9:00 PM for the year 2010.

The 250.00 stimulus checks social security recitients are supposed to get when will they be sent out?

There are no economic stimulus checks planned for 2010 or 2011 at this point. President Obama talked about it, but Congress hasn't acted on the idea.

Will people on social security Receive a 2020 stimulus check?

I never received a stimulus check in 2020 and Iโ€™m on social security

Who is qualified for stimulus checks?

WHo qualified for stimulus check in 2009

Are the stimulus checks exempt from the bankruptcy courts?


Should adults in university get stimulus checks?

Yeah, why not

When is the last day to file for the stimulus checks?

You MUST file (postmarked) no later than October 15th to qualify for the economic stimulus check.

Where stimulus checks taxable?

They are not taxable anywhere that I know of.

When will you receive your 250 stimulus check?

August 4 2010 at this time of the year you do not have any stimulus checks that will be sent out to taxpayer in the year 2010.

Are Social Security recipients getting the 250 dollar stimulus?

Social Security beneficiaries received the $250 stimulus check in 2009, but no future stimulus checks are planned at this time.

If you didn't file last year but file this year will you get a stimulus check in 2009?

No, if you did not get a stimulus check in 2009, there will be nothing for you in 2010. Stimulus checks were figured out based on the prior year, there is no retro active payments.

Are they giving people another stimulus check?

Are we getting another stimulus check

Do you have to repay the stimulus checks?

my refund would have been $3600 for 2008. since i received an 1800 stimulus, me refund will be $1800. looks like i repaid it to me.

How many stimulus checks were sent out in 2008?


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When will the stimulus checks come out?

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