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The Sun will not explode.

In about 4.5 billion years, our Sun will slowly cool and turn into a red giant, it's outer envelope will almost touch the Earth.

After about another million years, it will shed it's outer envelope, causing a planetary nebula What is left of our Sun, is a white dwarf about the size of the Earth, which will slowly radiate it's remaining heat into space for billion and billions of years.

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The sun will explode soon

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Q: When will the sun explode?
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Will the earth explode from the sun?

No. Earth will likely be consumed by the sun in a few billion years but it will not explode.

Are you sure the sun will explode in millions of years?

The Sun will NOT explode - EVER. The Sun will start to die in about 4.5 to 5 billion years time.

What will be the effect if the sun suddenly explode?

If the Sun were to explode billions of years from now, it would wipe out the entire Solar System, planets and all. The Sun may never explode, however, due to its size.

Can the sun explode?

No. The sun is not massive enough to go supernova.

Will the sun will explode in fifteen minutes?


Is the sun going to explode at 20012?


Will the sun ever run out of energy and or explode?

The sun will eventually run out hydrogen at its core, which is the source of energy, so it will die, but it will not explode.

Will the sun explode like a star?

Our sun is a star, but it is not big enough to explode in a supernova, it will simply cast out its outer layers and implode.

How long until the sun Explodes?

Our sun does not have the mass to 'explode'. It will expand to a 'red giant' in about 5 billion years the sun will explode around 10 billion years.

Soda pop explodes in hot sun?

It does not explode. The only reason why it might "explode" is because in the sun it would heat up and the particles would move faster causing the soda to "explode."

What happen when the sun is very hot?

It will explode.

Will the world end after the sun explode?


Will earth ever explode or will the sun and will they?

Uhm, no

When is the sun going to explode?

never in our time

When will the sun get bigger?

The sun will get bigger in about 2 billion years when it is close to exploding.When the sun is about to explode it will expand and become much much bigger.Then when it expands, it will explode into a white dwarf.pretty amazing

Will the sun explode?

No. The sun will run out of hydrogen in about 5 billion years, after which it will become a red giant. It will later lose its outer layers and die, but it will not explode.

If a planet runs into the sun will the sun explode?

Planets can't run in to the sun. It stays on orbit.

Will the sun explode into a supernova?

No, the Sun will not explode into a Supernova. After its Red Giant phase it will shed its outer layers in a Nova, and leave behind a White Dwarf star.

After a billion year the sun will explode?

No, and the Sun will never explode because: it isn't big enough. It will turn into a red giant , then a white dwarf and then the black dwarf

Would the sun explode earth?

yes it would because when N.R. farts and cries the earth will explode instead of the sunThe earth will explode because the sun will. Because scientists did research on the solar system and how many other stars have exploded so there's a possibility that the sun will explode and die out and it will also the earth will be destroyed but that wont happen until millions and millions of years from now.

Why is the sun is going to explode?

The sun (hopefully) wonโ€™t explode. Itโ€™ll start to die in about 4.5 - 5 billion years, causing it to cool down and become a white dwarf and then will form into a solar nebula with the remains of the sun and that will burn for billions and billions of years.It might explode in the future though.

Will the sun implode or explode?

Yes, it is a young star and will explode in 2 billion years at the very least.

What are sun spots on the sun?

the sun spots like black little spots on the sun that explode every 11 years

What will happen if the sun explode?

we will all die of coldness

In a study of the sun what questions might a pure scientist ask?

They will ask: "When will the sun explode?"