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Q: When will the technological singularity happen?
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What will life be like after the singularity?

Nobody knows. The Technological Singularity is termed an event horizon which means that nothing can be predicted or understood beyond it.

What will happen to the world's view of reality after the technological singularity?

"Real" reality and virtual reality will become one and the same. Nanotechnology will mean there is no distinction. Total VR will exist, but enhanced reality will be more prevalent.

What is the main definition of singularity?

Singularity essentially means the singularness, oneness or uniqueness of something. It often refers to a point or rupture that marks a discontinuity. For example, technological singularity is the point in time where the progress of technology goes too fast for humans to understand, and becomes totally autonomous.

Kurzweil a technologistphilosopher says that a future point of unprecedented technological progress will occur as soon as 2023 ... a technological singularity Will this happen?

Yes, it will. 2023 is a bit early, the singularity itself should occur around 2045. humans tend to think of technological progress linearly. Until now, that has worked just fine, as we have been on the low end of the curve. But we are soon going to reach the second part of the curve, at which point technological progress will accelerate drastically. a word of warning: After this happens, purely biological humans will be able to have anything they want, save relevance. Computers will just be too smart. the philosophy of transhumanism basically amounts to: If you can't beat them, join them.

Fear of technological singularity it scares me please reassure me will the world be overun by super smart machines?

Maybe. The whole idea is that we escape into the computer world and live forever, but if people don't want to "make the switch," who knows what could happen? The singularity will bring a ridiculously tremendous change to the entire universe. Like, the whole enchilada. It's kind of crazy. But if it happens, it happens, you know? Don't sleep in fear.

That computers may surpass humans in intelligence?

It may or may not happen. If it does, that moment will be called the "singularity".

Who is working on the singularity?

One Group is the Singularity Institute.

What is the ISBN of The Singularity Is Near?

The ISBN of The Singularity Is Near is 9780670033843.

When was The Singularity Is Near created?

The Singularity Is Near was created in 2005.

When was Singularity - song - created?

Singularity - song - was created in 2010.

When was Beyond Singularity created?

Beyond Singularity was created in 2005.

When was Singularity released?

Singularity was released on 12/31/2012.