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When will the undertaker come back in 2011?

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According to WWE Magazine, Undertaker is coming back October 23 at a new WWE pay-per-view called Vengeance.

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yes he will return in 2.21.11

The Undertaker will be coming back to WWE Monday February 21 2011

no undertaker is to hurt to be coming to soon

He returned on Monday Night Raw 21 February, 2011.

He has been taking a break, but he might come back on monday night raw 21st February.

Yes undertaker will come back on raw 2 21 11 my prediction is Kane will be the world heavyweight champion and will come brag on raw then the ubdertaker will come out

October 23rd, 2011 at the PPV Vengeance.

The Undertaker is coming back 3 months before wrestle mania to see who will challenge him Nough said

I heard that undertaker will be back in summerslam

yes undertaker will come back. its all just for entertainment.

He will return after the first of the year like always

The undertaker will be back in 2011 on march 3 thrd and he will be agenced the world heavyweight champion!

The Undertaker will return at 21st February 2011 which is also Elimination Chamber

He will come back ready to talk but soon Triple H will interupt and challenge him at wrestlemania 27.

yes as soon as his soulder heels thin he will be back in wrestlmaine 27 am sure of that i think he will returns on feb 21 2011

The Undertaker is schelduled to come back at Summerslam

Never count out the Undertaker. He may not be back anytime soon but he will be back.

Any idea when The Undertaker will come back? Without him on the show I'm getting bored.

The undertaker will probably come back when he recovers from his vegetative state

Taker will be back after the first of the year

maybe he might come back at summerslam or he might come back in September

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