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"Water Wings" by James Patterson is set to be released on May 2, 2023.

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It's not called Water Wings. It's Max and it is out already. Yeah!

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Q: When will water wings come out by James Patterson?
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When does James Patterson's book Fang come out?

"Fang" by James Patterson comes out March 15, 2010.

Where did James Patterson come from?

not sure but he live in florida.

When will 2010 James Patterson books come out in paperback?

after a few months the book was out.

When does the sequel to James Patterson's witch and wizard come out?

It comes out on December 13th of 2010

When does the Witch and Wizard sequel by James Patterson come out?

October 12th 2010. I think!

When does witch and wizard by James Patterson come out?

Amazon has the pre-order for Dec 5, 2011.

When is James Patterson's new book of the Maximum Ride series going to come out?

It is suppose to come out February 22, and is called Angel.

Is there a movie for the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson?

It is due to come out in 2013. Check the official website.

When will the thrid witch and wizard book by James Patterson come out?

According to Wikipedia, December 11, 2011

Will Maximum Ride come to an end?

yes. James Patterson said that the last book will be coming out in February 2012.

When does the max book come out?

James Patterson's book Max has already came out. Fang is believed to come in March, which leaves me confused because it is already the 30th.

Why did James Patterson choose to be a writer?

James Patterson used to work long hours in a hospital. He never used to read before but with all his free time, he starting reading. He had come to loving it and to show the joy of reading to everyone, he started writing books.