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Q: When will you attract the sun more noon tonight or midnight explain why?
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What can attract the same objects when it is not connected to an electric source Explain?

Gravity will attract 2 or more object with or without the presence of an electric source/field.

What is better midnight bowling or midnight swimming?

midnight bowling is more appropriate.

Why does darker clothing attract more heat?

It does not attract more heat is reflects less back.

Does dampness attract ants?

More likely they'll attract termites but yes, they may attract ants

Will rice attract more ants?

No, But If You Put It In A Picnic Basket, then it will attract bears.

Is the year zero AD or BC?

Neither, because there is no year zero in the BC/AD calendar. After the year 1BC, the year AD1 starts. There is a zero point, at midnight on 31 December, 1BC, but that point has no duration, any more than midnight tonight will have any duration. As the clock ticks past midnight, the next day begins immediately. Same applies to years, and same applies to BC and AD.

Why do astronomers see more meteors from midnight to dawn than from evening to midnight?

because they like waffle

What is the name and author of a short story about a boy who collects moths and who is then killed by a strange mothlike creature one night?

I think I know what you're talking about: it's a story from one of those Tales for the Midnight Hour books by J.B. (Judith Bauer) Stamper. There are four of them: Tales for the Midnight Hour, More Tales for the Midnight Hour, Still More Tales for the Midnight Hour, and Even More Tales for the Midnight Hour.The title of the story is "The Collector," and it's published in the second one, More Tales for the Midnight Hour.

When a knight rides out on midnight and is away for two hours he comes back on midnight How is this possible?

Midnight is his horse's name. *As the US does not use "on midnight" but "at midnight", this riddle is more proper in its form "rides out on Monday and is gone two days, and comes back on Monday".

Do rock stars really attract babes?

They do not necessarily "attract babes" its more of the famous factor and there good looks:p

Why was the lotus temple built?

To attract more visitors

Do dark or light colors attract more heat?

dark colours attract more heat than the light ones, the light colours reflect heat mainly