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"Save" is what you do with movies that are not available yet on Netflix. Since the movie is not available yet, you can't put it in your Queue. Instead, you put it in your "Saved" section (which is right below your Queue; just scroll down).

If and when the movie becomes available, it will automatically be moved from your Saved section to your Queue.

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Q: When you Save something on Netflix instead of adding it what does that mean?
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save them to instant que

When will movies listed as SAVE on Netflix be available?

This button means Netflix does not have the movie in question. New releases and some other older movies aren't on there but you can save them by pressing this button. When they finally have the movie they will put it in your queue.

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How do you watch a movie on Netflix that only has the option to Save?

You mean the green "Save" button? The green Save button is for movies that are not available on Netflix yet. Clicking the green Save button puts them into a separate Queue which is displayed below your regular Queue. If and when they become available, they will be moved up to the bottom place in your regular Queue (and probably your Instant Queue as well).

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