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Yes. But stomach pains need investigating.

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yes but only after the 6th month of pregnancy , if you are having pain before then you should consult a doctor immediately

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It means your normal......... Cramps happen during pregnancy... this is why you shouldn't get pregnant at 13.

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Q: When you are pregnant do you have stomach pain?
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I am twenty-four weeks pregnant and have stomach pains when you touch my stomach?

Call your health care provider now if you are pregnant with stomach pain.

What does it mean when you have muscle pain in the lower stomach and aching in legs?

your pregnant.

You are 36 weeks pregnant what is this stabbing pain in your stomach?

You are close to birth, you should be discussing the pain with your doctor.

Where do you feel the pain in your stomach when you pregnant?

Pregnancy it's self does not cause pain . Labor causes pain but that would be a different question.

What is massive pain in stomach when 14 weeks pregnant?

They are called contractions of the uterus.

What is the very common symptoms of a pregnant women?

Stomach cramps and a lot of pain

Can smoking weed cause pain in stomach not knowing you pregnant?

Lots of things can.

Could be pregnant if lower abdomen pains after iui?

aug22 my first iui done.after iui 2days higher stomach pain for me.and another days stomach pain is low.and then slightly lower stomach pain for me.what are the symptoms for this is?pls answered for me?

What can the problem be if you have abdominal pain a bloated stomach and have been feeling nauseous for the last couple of days?

you are pregnant

Ihave the sex last 2 days but i have the pain in stomach is this a pregnant?

you will be unable to know if you are pregnant for at least a week after sex, and it would take many weeks to cause pain in the stomach. however, if you had unprotected sex, it is a good idea to get a pregnancy test and some tests for STDs.

I have bad stomach pains been sick every day for a week my stomach is very swollen and pain in my lower back?

If you also have cramps in the stomach the chances are very much there that you are pregnant.

What other problems can cause feeling like you are pregnant?

In some cases a stomach cyst can cause you pain and make you stomach bigger and harder. If it grows big enough it will actually look like you're pregnant.