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Q: When you cough does your heart stop?
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Does you heart stop when you cough?


Can you make lean with cough drops?

Yes rather with sprite (Sprite and Cough Drops.) If used any other soda drink/ soft drink your heart will stop.

How to you stop coughing?

Take some cough medicane or a cough drop.

What helps green cough in warriors?

the herbs of warrior cats that help stop green cough and stop green cough are: Cat mint: best known cure for green cough. May not stop green cough but helps. Helps stop white cough, witch leads to green cough. Chick Weed: can be used to cure cough. SPOILER!!!! when the need ran out of cat mint Bluestar caught green cough and she had to use chick weed. Also helps cure BLACK COUGH!?!?!?

How do you avoid cough?

Stop breathing.

What should you give your dog for this cough?

Cough in the dog can be worms or heart disease. Take it to a veterinarian.

Can your heart stop by mixing soda and cough drops?

No.There was a myth a while ago where a person (an idiot) said that mixing cough drops andsodain your stomach will cause your stomach to expand and explode.This is not true at all. It's a complete myth.

Why is it better to live up on the hill in valley woods?

It is better to live on the hill in Valley Woods, because only people that are poor (that the government knows about) live down among the lake along the flood plain. It would be very foolish to establish ones residence here, but that does not stop some ignoramus' from doing so, *cough**cough**cough*Michael Banfield*cough**cough**cough**cough**cough**cough**cough**cough**cough**cough**cough**cough*

How can you stop whooping cough before birth?

Tdap vaccines

Can you take Suboxone and Hydromet Syrup?

You can but it will do nothing to stop the cough

How do you stop a horses cough?

How to stop a cough depends on what is causing it. Coughs can be due to respiratory infections, allergies or simple inhaled irritants. You need to determine the cause to determine the cure.

Where is whooping cough located?

Whooping cough is a disease that affects the lungs and airways of the body. A deep cough starts and gets progressively worse and is very hard to stop and cure.

What can cure a sore throat and stop the coughing?

Cough medicine and calpol. :)

Will the mixture of lemon juice honey and cayenne pepper stop a nagging cough?

Lemon juice, honey, and cayenne pepper is not likely to stop a raging cough. Lemon juice and honey mixed together and warmed up can help soothe a cough, though.

When was Stop Playing with My Heart created?

Stop Playing with My Heart was created in 1984.

When was Stop Breaking My Heart created?

Stop Breaking My Heart was created in 2006.

Will flutters make you gasp or cough a little is that your heart or something to do with your diaphragm?

Cardiac flutters do not generally make you gasp or cough, they are more related to a rapid heartbeat and tachycardia. Congestive heart failure can produce a slight cough. If you are experiencing symptoms that you are concerned about make an appointment with your physician.

Does your heart stop beating when you stop breathing?

no, our heart does not stop beating because sometimes we intentionally stop breathing (when there is bad smell) but our heart still beats so this is how we understand.

Does the heart stop in a heart attack?


How do you stop a cough?

take a tablespoon of honey and if you want to you can eat the honey made in your state and it can help with allergies eat a ton of cough-drops!

How do you do the silent shot on MW2?

You stop playing a very poorly developed game and play a game created by Bungie. Cough Cough Halo.

What could cause a dog to cough?

A lot of things could cause your dog to cough. Such as kennel cough or congestive heart disease. That is why it is best to take your dog into be examined by your Veterinarian to see what it actually is caused by.

What happens if you sneeze too much?

Your heart will stop in about milliseconds.Your heart will stop in about milliseconds.

What is the fastest way to stop a cough?

Hold it and take a deep breath O:

How can you stop being addicted to cough drops?

try a different hard candy