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no no

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Q: When you defeat Pokemon emerald noland will you get th Pokemon you use?
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How do you defeat the Eleite 4 on Pokemon Emerald?

stupid question. ill tell u how. use ure Pokemon to defeat them

How do you defeat brawley in Pokemon emerald?

He's fighting type? Use psychic or flying pokemon.

Pokemon emerald can you catch Celebi?

yes, use a event defeat 1000 wild Pokemon in forest (with out turning of game or saving)

How do you defeat Flannery in Pokemon emerald?

i have a fire pokemon blaziken and i think it was level 40 but now was 56. my pokemon's attack was not effective but it was defeated. use water pokemon

What do you do after you defeat the 3rd gym leader in Pokemon emerald?

You Go left and use rock smash to open up the tunnel

Can you use emerald version in Pokemon coloseum?

NO you can not play Pokemon emerald in Coloseum.

How do you get Pokemon emerald to Pokemon pearl?

you use pal park to get emerald Pokemon to pearl bur you can't transfer them back to emerald

How can you level up Wingull in Pokemon Emerald?

Easy way to do this is to give it the item exp share then use your stronger Pokemon to defeat trainers your wingull soon will level up and evolve.

What Pokemon do you use to defeat Skyla on Pokemon black?

the pokemon you could use to defeat her is electric types or rock and ice

Is there a shovel you can use in Pokemon emerald?


What the use of poke flute at Pokemon emerald?

you can use it to awaken your pokemon in battle

What kind of Pokemon can you use to defeat electric Pokemon in Pokemon deluge?

with using a rock or ground type Pokemon, the best Pokemon you can use to defeat a electric type is rhyperior ok!?