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Through extended halucinogenic use i have come to believe that there are definetly other plains of existence. i have accidently waken up in the body of another person before. the person was in a different place than i was and was also a different race yet still spoke English and seemed to still be in the same time era that we are in . So if ,while im living, my "spiritual energy " can trancend from one body of conciousness to another in a simulated near death experience than that would lead me to believe that there will be similar results in an actual death experience=) so while our physical bodys may expire. our conciousness lives on and through perception may enter another human body or phyical form of existence ...

Or You Can Believe This.

No. When you die you are as if you are asleep. Then when Jesus comes back you will be resurrected. Then comes judgment. God Bless

Its your call

AnswerMy personal belief is yes, you do go to another plain. We will never know until we pass on.

God Bless

answerWhen we die, our physical body becomes food for the others; so there's nothing to ressurect.

well here this this one time i woke up not rememoring anything from yesterday or the day before that or anything i felt as if i just came onto the planet im thinking about what happened that day right now it was when i was like 5 im 12 now

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Q: When you die do you go to another form of life?
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