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When you die do you go to another form of life?

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Through extended halucinogenic use i have come to believe that there are definetly other plains of existence. i have accidently waken up in the body of another person before. the person was in a different place than i was and was also a different race yet still spoke English and seemed to still be in the same time era that we are in . So if ,while im living, my "spiritual energy " can trancend from one body of conciousness to another in a simulated near death experience than that would lead me to believe that there will be similar results in an actual death experience=) so while our physical bodys may expire. our conciousness lives on and through perception may enter another human body or phyical form of existence ...

Or You Can Believe This.

No. When you die you are as if you are asleep. Then when Jesus comes back you will be resurrected. Then comes judgment. God Bless

Its your call

AnswerMy personal belief is yes, you do go to another plain. We will never know until we pass on.

God Bless

answerWhen we die, our physical body becomes food for the others; so there's nothing to ressurect.

well here this this one time i woke up not rememoring anything from yesterday or the day before that or anything i felt as if i just came onto the planet im thinking about what happened that day right now it was when i was like 5 im 12 now

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How times do people die in their lifetime?

Once. Once you die, you do not come back to life for another go at it.

Should you go to the army?

No because you could die or get shot =) =0 dont go you die and will not have another life you just have 1 life so just have fun with it because u cant go to drink or anything else just enjoy life.

What are the comparisons between what Buddhists believe happens when you die and what the Catholic Church believes happens when you die?

Buddhists believe that until you are fully enlightened, you reincarnate into another life form in the material world. Catholics believe that after you die, you either go to heaven, hell, or purgatory.

Do you die in harvest moon for GameCube?

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When you die and go to heaven will you be speaking another language?


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Where do Pilgrims go to on Hajj?

They go to Mecca once in their life before they die.

Can you go to another court or do you have to go to the one you are assigned to fill out a modification form?

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Do you forget when you die and go to heaven?

No. When you die you still have all the memories of your life on earth.

When someone die were it gos?

I think when some one die it go to onther life

What can you do with your life?

Nothing, you have no hope. You will die alone and unwanted. Just stop breathing. Stop. RIGHT NOW. Go die. Honestly, go die.

What do you believe in life?

life as we know it is a complex being of a single person. Life will only go on untill you die.

When you die how else will you come back to life other than reanimation?

You will never go back to life. there is no reanimation, there is no reincarnation. you will just die.

Do people die when the world ends?

If by die you mean their bodies cease to function, yes, they die. If you mean do they go on to life a life after death, depends on your religion, or lack thereof.

What is the story of the movie Defending What if your Life starring Meryl Streep and Albert Brooks?

The plot for "Defending you life" is showing what reallyhappens when you die. It's like you go to Judgment City where you go to court to Defend your life to see if you can either go on, or go back to earth for another life. So, both Meryl and Albert's characters are dead and there both in court. If you want to know more, just Google it check it out on wikipedia.

How is death a new life?

Well Christians believe that if you give your life to Jesus, when you die you will go to heaven and live their with him for ever more. So really Christians say that Death is a new Life. Another religion is Hinduism, were they believe you will be reincarnated into whatever you want.

What will i die of How will i die What is the purpose of life When will the world end?

Your body will just go into freeze mode and you will slowly die In pain

What happens to people after they die in the Buddhism religion?

If a Buddhist has not become enlightened during his or her life he is reincarnated into another body. If they became enlightened, Buddhists may go to Nirvana, or not, it is up to them.

What is the meaning of the Buddhism wheel?

The Buddhist symbol of the wheel means reincarnation the belief that when you die your spirit will go on into another form and it will be stuck in this cycle until you reach Nirvana (The enlightend one)

Where do the Egyptian gods go when they die ie?

Into the After life- The Under World

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go die and ask your lawyer

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