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What do you mean increase, decrease, or stay the same? Do you mean the temperature?

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Q: When you go deeper into the earth does it increase decrease or stay the same?
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When you travel far from earth does your mass increase or decrease?

Your mass remains the same.

If you could suddenly shrink the Earth make the Earth smaller in radius but keep the same mass the length of the day would increase decrease or stay the same?

The length of the day would decrease because of conservation of momentum principle - Earth would rotate faster when shrinked.

Can the population increase and decrease at the same time?


When a battery runs out does the battery voltage increase decrease or stay the same?

It should decrease

If the dividend is increased and the divisor remains the same will the value of the quotient increase or decrease?


Will parallel lines increase?

No, there is no reason for them to change in any way: increase, remain the same or decrease.

As the mass of an object incresse the ability to accelerate it using the same amount of force increase or decrease?

It decrease.

If the price of electricity falls supply will?

...Remain the same or decrease, but not increase.

Would solid to liquid increase or decrease?

The mass remains the same.

What does proportional change?

When 2 things increase or decrease by the same proportion

Does water increase or decrease when it is left in a cold place?

it remains the same

When you cut off a piece from a 2D shape you reduce the area and perimeter?

The area will decrease but the perimeter can increase, stay the same or decrease depending upon how the piece was cut off.