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Q: When you hit a bump you hear a rattle sound?
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Car rattles at a stop its a 1998 Buick Le Sabre?

Maybe its the dashboard if the rattle is inside. I hear the same rattle when I hit a bump.

What is the screeching sound you hear on a 2001 jaguar when you go over a speed bump or hit a hump?

your car is lower than the speed bump and it scrapes the bottom of tour car usually the frames lower so it doesn't cause any damage

I have 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee and hear a loud thump when I hit a bump coming from the rear passenger side. The shock looks ok and the car does not bounce excessively. The exhaust is not loose either.?

Was there anything else wrong that you noticed when you hit the bump, and does your jeep make any noise when in motion. (as in like a bad sound)

Do metals make a high pitch sound when you hit them?

Anything you hit makes a vibration. Vibration=Sound. I guess it depends how hard you hit the object (in this case metal) you will be able to hear the sound. But yes, they do make a high pitched sound when you hit them (some so high pitched you will never be able to hear them).

What is the sound of dishes called?

they go through a medium which makes them break when they hit the floor a solid

You have a 94 acura integra makes a loud rattle sound when you hit a bump at any speed What could be the problem?

my 95 integra has a problem with the brake light located on the hatchback. I haven'y figured out what is causing it , but I have located it and it appears that something is loose inside that brake. Should figure it out here soon.

Why is your truck making a rattling sound everytime you hit a bump?

possibly your front upper control arm bushing are out.

Thumping sound by the passenger front tire when you hit a bump in the road?

It is more than likely that you need a new strut

Why does your car rattle when you hit a bump?

It depends if your hearing a click or a rattle. if it's a pretty consistent rattle as you go over a bump or bumpy roads than it's more than likely a blown strut. what happens is the seal in the struts goes and there is no more pressure and things aren't being held in place. the piston rattles of the strut cylinder. now if it's a clicking sound that you hear and it's not constant, just certain bumps and/or your steering wheel or front wheel feels like it's shaking at highway speeds. usually around 50-60 mph then it could be a ball joint. most shops do free estimates if you bring it in and ask them to check it out. if it is a ball joint the you don't want to drive the vehicle till it's fixed. this is serious!! mechanic will tell you the same thing! but either way the both cost about the same to fix.

How sound is produced in Cajun?

I believe you meant Cajon, which is a percussion instrument consisting of a box and a few strings on the upper corners. The Cajon makes a sound just like all other drums you can play, you hit it. The vibrations exit the sound hole in the back and you hear the sound. The same thing goes for the snare part of the Cajon. You hit where the snares are located and the snares vibrate, releasing the sound you hear when you hit the drum.

Did brakes on the back of the car and know when you go over a bump it makes a clunking sound?

well it depends on how good ur car is and its condition just dont hit a bump to hard or something may fall out

Light is faster than sound Why you see a ball hit before you hear it?

Because the light traveled faster then the sound of it hitting the ground.