When you lose oxygen what happened?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: When you lose oxygen what happened?
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Why does hydrogen lose its combustibility after it combines with oxygen?

Why dose hydrogen lose its combustibility after it combines with oxygen

Does oxidation gain or lose oxygen or hydrogen?

It gains oxygen, loses hydrogen

How does the baby lose oxygen?

by utilizing oxygen for biological processes without taking any additional oxygen in

What feet do you lose oxygen when climbing mount Everest?

You will lose oxegen when you hit 500 feet.

Why do humans lose consciousness?

Humans lose consciousness when the oxygen supply to the brain gets low.

Do the elements in the oxygen family tend to gain or lose electrons in chemical reactions?

that would depend on what specifically the were reacting with on each instance.

What happened when no oxygen is present after glycolysis?


What happened to the air over the land during day time?

It has changed beause of the gas fumes in the air from cars, factories and even smokers. with all the carbon dioxide in the air then we could lose oxygen

Why is it bad to cut trees science?

because we lose oxygen

Why do metals lose their luster?

react with the air, generally oxygen

Who did Villanova lose to in the 1997 Tournament?

it never happened

Will an oxygen sensor make a car lose power?

A malfunctioning oxygen sensor can cause the engine to be low on power.