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Q: When you revoke or cancel something what is it called?
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What means to cancel?

That's right, to repeal a law is to cancel or revoke it.

What is Repealing a bill?

To revoke or cancel

What 6 letter word means to cancel?

revoke! :)

What term means to cancel an act or law?

Repeal means to cancel or revoke an act or law.

What is a synonym for rescind?

Forget, reverse and cancel. Those are just some.

What word means to cancel or make ineffective?

Words meaning to cancel or make ineffective are void, revoke, annul, counteract, offset, invalidate...

What is the term that means to cancel such as to cancel the stamp act?

When we cancel a legal bill such as the Stamp Act we use the term "repeal" (to revoke or withdraw formally or officially), or "rescind" (revoke, cancel, or repeal (a law, order, or agreement). Other suitable choices include revoke, repeal, cancel, reverse, overturn, overrule, annul, nullify, void, invalidate, abolish or quash. Because we live in a society of laws we have many terms that vary but slightly in their meanings..

Which word is a synonym for repeal in this sentence the state decided to revoke the law?

"Revoke" is the synonym for "repeal" in this sentence. Both words mean to officially cancel or withdraw a law.

What does vacating an decision and order mean?

It means to set the order/decision aside. ie to revoke or cancel the order/decision that had been made in the first place.

What is a 6 letter word meaning to cancel a law?

reject, my friend. I'm 12 so its the best Ive got! <><><><> Revoke

What are synonyms for cancel?

call off, drop, forget about, annul, abolish, repeal, abort, revoke, eliminate

What does revoked mean?

Revoke means to take back or withdraw; annul, cancel, or reverse; rescind or repeal: to revoke a decree. 2. to bring or summon back. -verb (used without object) 3. Cards. to fail to follow suit when possible and required; renege. -noun 4. Cards. an act or instance of revoking.Ex. To revoke somebody's right to use a car.