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Faster movement creates more vibrations in the paper and in turn a higher frequency (pitch)

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Q: When you rip a piece of paper the faster you rip the higher the pitch why?
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How do vibration rates affect pitch?

The faster the vibration, higher the pitch.

How does the pitch of your voice change when you catch a cold or when you sing?

The pitch of your voice depends on how fast your vocal chords vibrate. The faster they vibrate, the higher the pitch. When you sing you use your muscles to force them closer together causing them to vibrate faster. When you are sick, your lymph nodes swell causing them to get closer and vibrate faster producing a higher sound.

Why does a thinner string make a higher pitch?

It can vibrate faster because it has less mass.

How can you make a higher pitch on the french horn?

On brass instruments in general, you speed up the air you are blowing through it and the pitch gets higher. Or in other words, the faster you lips vibrate, the higher the note.

How do you change the pitch of a kazoo?

A kazoo makes sound when air is moved based a membrane causing it to vibrate. The harder a person blows, the faster the air moves, making the membrane vibrate faster (at a higher frequency), resulting in a higher pitch coming out of the kazoo.

Is it true that how fast a sound source vibrates affects the pitch of the sound?

Yes, it is true that the faster a sound source vibrates the higher the pitch.

Why is a mosquito's buzz a higher pitch than a bumblebees's?

Faster number of beats of the wings per second

How fast sound waves vibrate?

They vibrate over a wide range of rates. The faster the vibrations, the higher the pitch of the sound.

On a piano what is the difference between high pitched and low pitched strings?

the vibrations of the strings the lower pitch is slowerand the higher pitch is faster

A Violin has 4 stings all the same length but of different pitch What must be true of the velocity of the waves on each string as the pitch goes up?

The velocity for higher sounding strings must be faster than the lower sounding strings. The velocity for higher sounding strings must be faster than the lower sounding strings.

How is pitch related to wave speed?

The faster the wave speed, the higher the pitch of the sound will be. 20 vibrations is the lowest amount of vibrations needed per second for a human to be able to hear it

What factor determine's the pitch of sound?

Pitch is determined by sound wave frequency; how fast something is vibrating. High-pitched sounds are higher frequency meaning they are vibrating faster. Low pitch means they are vibrating slower.