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When you rotate the tires do you have to do the wheel alignment as well?

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NO! When rotating the tires, look closely at the tread. If you see any abnormal wear, such as uneven wear, feathering, or dipping. Have an alignment performed. Otherwise just rotate. Toe adjustments are common, and is the fasted tire-eating adjustment. An alignment should be checked every six months. If it's not out more than .04 by then, wait longer between alignments. The older a car gets, the faster alignments go out. A reputable place will give you a before and after print-out of your specs. And will check it for free.

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Why does 2000 Impala shake at 50 tires good had checked?

Have the wheel bearings checked, as well as the alignment.

Do you need a wheel alignment when you by new tires?

Depends on when you had your last alignment and the condition of the tires you removed. It they were wearing perfectly even then you may not need an alignment. If you have not had an alignment in the last 36,000 miles you may very well need one. Judgment call on your part based on the evidence.

Does Discount Tires rotate tires for free?

Yes. Make sure you get your tires certified by Discount Tire as well.

How can you fix vibrations coming into the brake and gas pedals as well as steering wheel on a 2006 Hyundai elantra?

Umm.. get an front end alignment.. and tires balanced ;)? may be??

How much is a wheel alignment at Jiffy lube?

The price of a wheel alignment at Jiffy Lube will vary from location to location as well as the make and model of the vehicle. Prices for a wheel alignment range anywhere from $40.00 to $80.00.

Does a Hyundai Sonata need a 4 wheel alignment?

yes to balance well

89 Nissan steering wheel shaking and pulls to the right while driving?

You probably have a bad rt front tire. It may be low air pressure, lost wheel weight, or alignment. The low air pressure could make it pull to the right, and so could a bad alignment. Lost wheel weight and/or alignment could make the steering wheel shake. Think if you hit a large object, a pot hole, or ran over the curb for example this could tear the alignment up and cold weather will reduce the air pressure in your tires as well as a nail.

Why do we rotate tires?

Tires last longer and work more efficiently when the wear is even. Gas milage improves as well.Rotating the tires will extend the life of the tires.

What sort of services does Mr Tire provide?

Mr.Tire offers such services as oil change, brake services, tire rotation, wheel alignment, as well as selling tires for all makes of vehicles. All your cars needs.

Why does your car pull to the right?

That all depends on the alignment of your vehicle's tires. Some cars pull to the left as well.

Is it possible to rotate tires on staggered wheels if you just rotate the fronts with the fronts and rears with the rears?

Well, the answer is maybe - it depends on the type of tire you are using. Some tires are either asymmetrical or unidirectional. Asymmetrical tires have a tread pattern such that the tire has a distinct "outside" and "inside" - that is, the tire must be mounted such that the outside part of the tread faces the outside of the wheel. These tires can rotate in either direction. Unidirectional tires have a tread pattern that requires the tire to rotate in one direction only. This type of pattern may help direct water better and can be seen on many wet-weather specific tires. Note the unidirectional tire has a tread pattern that will funnel water away when rotating in one direction and suck water in when rotating in the "wrong" direction. So you can "rotate" or swap your fronts and rears on a staggered fitment if you are using universal or asymmetrical treat patterns, but not if you are using unidirectional tread patterns. Just swapping the front wheels left to right might help a little - especially if your car has different alignment specs for the left and right, but it's unlikely to be of significant benefit compared to being able to rotate all four wheels.

Front end shakes bad on jeep wrangler sport 1997?

you need to have the tires rotated and balanced if they are not in the best condition you probably need new tires. If your tires are fairly well and you had that done try an alignment.

Why would the steering wheel shake at 55 mph?

Just highway speed vibes, not at lower speeds, 9 times out of 10 is tire balance. Have all tires inspected, if good....balanced....and the best of the four put on the front. The tires that go to the rear in this case must have descent tread depth or it can cause a very dangerous scenario when driving in water. It also is highly recommended too that you have your front end checked as well to be certain you don't have other issues or a combined problem. If your two front tires are worn more than the front, more than likely the tires weren't rotated often enough. Rotate your tires every 6,000mi. Every other oil change for most folks. This saves time and money. If the two front tires are worn and the back look pretty good, they might recommend an alignment and say that is what caused it. Partially true, but remember they are in it to make money. Have your alignment checked once a year, just after the snow is gone, and rotate every 6,000 and tires magically take care of themself!

Are mud flaps required in Pennsylvania?

If the tires are not inside the wheel well opoenings then yes.

What would cause your steering wheel to shake at 45mph?

Sounds like either your tires need some serious balancing, or the weights on your tires have fallen off. If you go to a car there are these little 1 inch metal brackets attached to the tires. Yah they balance your tires on the road. If not you could also check your alignment. Well those are the things my dad has taught me and when he fixed those things. My car drove fine. Hope I could help.

How do you fix the steering wheel on a 1998 Chevy tahoo the tires are straight but the steering wheel is not?

Seems to be a common problem on aging GM trucks, but can happen on just about any car. Take it to a tire shop and have it aligned properly. Sharp jolts to the front tires, like say bumping hard into a curb or hitting a bad bump, can knock the wheels out of alignment. It would also be wise to get this fixed sooner rather than later as poor alignment can cause excessive tire wear as well, and even affect fuel mileage if severe enough.

Why does your 2002 range shake once you get 2 50?

most often, either the tires are worn unevenly, need to be balanced, or you need a front end alignment, which involves balance as well. Have a truste dmechanic check. Worst case is wheel bearings need work

What causes steering wheel to shake?

you might have run out on your rotors as well as bad balance on your front tires.

Why does my steering wheel shake when driving my 2002 Hyundai Elantra?

If it's a low speed shake, you normally have separated or tires getting ready to go south on you. If your shake is at high speeds, most normally just a simple Rotate Balance and Air Pressure check will do. Of course this is dependant on the current condition of your tires. To be safe as well, when you have your tires checked, have them check your car out for bad front end parts. Most shops do this free of charges during tire maintenance and will provide an estimate. Rotate tires every 6,000mi and this will help with your tire wear too. This goes for everyone!

What options are available in tire and wheel packages?

For tire and wheel packages, you can order special tires for rain, snow, and racing, but if you're just looking for everyday driving tires, you can get that as well. Sites like, Tire can help you with your decision.

Is safe to use a 235/75R15 tires in a ranger 2wd?

that is fine, check for rubbing under wheel well.

Will 235 75 15 tires fit on the rear of a 95 Astro van?

sure,,the wheel well is plenty high enough to allow the height of these larger tires to fit.

Will 22 inch rim and tires rud on a buick 1997 park avenue?

you'll need to install a suspension kit or the tires wont have clearance to turn in the wheel well...

wheel alignment?

form_title=Wheel Alignment form_header=Wheel alignment maximizes tire life and keeps vehicles tracking straight and true when driving along a straight and level road. What is the year, make and model of your vehicle?=_ How old are the tires you currently have on your car? =_ Has your vehicle been pulling on one side?= () Yes () No () Not Sure Have you gotten new brakes recently?= () Yes () No () Not Sure Are you having excessive wear on one side of your tires?= () Yes () No () Not Sure

What causes the sterring wheel to vibrate at high speeds on a 2001 Nissan Xterra while in 2wd?

well... there are many different causes for vibrations. The most common cause for steering wheel vibration at high speed is poor wheel alignment.