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yes it is prefectly normal. if you are still going though this and have other Q's about your body and what is happing go to and post on some of their boards they know this kinda stuff.

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Are veiny breasts a sign of pregnancy?

Yes but it is also a symptom of PMS so take a HPT.

If you can see blue veins clearly in both your breasts and even underneath them is that a sign of pregnancy?

Veiny breasts is a sign of pregnancy yes. But some womens breast skin is finer than others and veins are more noticeable. If this is new for you and you have missed a period, yes you could be pregnant.

Does Sharon Osbourne have veiny feet?

not really she does not have veiny feet

Why are your breasts so veining?

they are probably still going to grow more, and you wont see as much of the veins. cause boobs are usually veiny in younger girls.

What causes veiny breasts?

Recent weight lossis one possible reason for the normal bluish veins, which are close to the skin in some woman's breasts, to become more visible. This is particularly common among women with pale, transparent skin. All this is completely normal, with the exception of excessive or rapid weight loss, which, whether due to anorexic behavior or some medical problem, should be promptly brought up with a trusted physician, nurse practitioner or medical assistant.

Your period ended early a week ago and now your breast are getting veiny and REALLY sore Signs of being pregnant?

Take a pregnancy test!

What rhymes with Lanie?

brainy Janie veiny zany

Does walking get rid of veiny legs?

Yes,of course it does!

What are the signs of conception?

I knew I was pregnant after about a week sounds strange but I just knew I felt different not like I'd ever felt at first I kind of felt like I was about to come on my period but when I'd missed it I knew I has extra sore breasts more veiny Bloated hardened stomach Cravings Feeling sick Period pain like cramps A lot of gas!!

What is jerjer?

In Chinese it is the slang word for a giant big black veiny penis.

Why are my feet really veiny?

Because your feet require blood. Your feet naturally have veins.

How do psychological and biological theories influence social policy?

because your shaft is too veiny

Was kim kardashian born a man?

Yes in fact she was, I was the doctor that lopped her veiny corinthian off as a child.

Why do some people's arms appear to show lots of veins?

There is nothing different about the veins in their arms. It's actually dependant on how pale their skin is. The paler your skin is, the clearer you can see the veins in your arms, apart from that, there is no difference between people with "veiny" arms and "non-veiny" arms.

What's wrong if you finished your period about 2 weeks ago and in the past few days you have had brownish spotting that sometimes looks veiny or clumpy and you have very mild cramps?

This could just be your uterine lining coming away which is normal, it just came away after your period instead of with it.

Is 4 inches a good penis size for a 13 teen year old?

No. When i was 13 i had a true, veiny, triumphant 15incher.

Can you cure alcohol poisoning by drawing penises on the persons face?

Yes, just make sure it's very veiny

What is a good frightening vocabulary word?

ominous paralysed supressed opressed blinded disorientated boney veiny pulsating liquid choking suffocating

What are the mesenteries of a fetal pig?

They are thin transparent sheets of veiny tissue attached to the pig's small intestine that bring nourishment and oxygen to the intestines.

How do you get veiny?

There are a number of ways people can become more veiny than what they naturally are:1. lose body fat. if you do lots of cardio you will lose body fat and less fat means your veins show more as that layer is removed.2. Drink lots of water this can help to increase blood circulation.3. Build muscle, by doing weights you will build muscle mass as well as losing fat. if your muscles are bigger then you push the veins up and towards the skin making them show remember exercise and build muscle and this will make your veins more visible.some people are naturally veiny it can be genetic.

What rhymes with grany?

If that's grainy, try brainy, rainy, veiny, zany, Allegheny If that's Granny, try canny, cranny, fanny, nanny, Pakistani

How can a teen male get huge veiny arms?

To get Veiny on your arms or aywhere on your body you have to have low Body fat percentage, and lift weights. It basically comes down to those 2 factors although Genetics also play a role on how veiny you look but just about anyone can get that look if they have low body fat and lift weights. Your diet is also very importnat it has to be very low in fat and rich of veggies fruits and lean protein and good portion sizes. You will find that people who have veiny arms have a very low body fat and almost always work out. Veins are visible because the muscle pushes them out due to muscle growth and less fat under your skin. Its a sign of great vasularity meaning how your blood goes through your arterys and veins. so lit weight and really cut down the fat in your diet you should see results quickly.

MEEZ HOW TO Hack blank eyes on meez?

All you have to do is save 400 coinz and buy veiny eyes (without pupil) And change the color to white!Easy as pie!

How do baby kangaroo rats look like?

Baby kangaroo rats aren't nearly as cute as their parents. They are tiny, bald, pink, veiny, and their eyes are still closed.

What was the grey veiny hard clot in period?

i feel bad to be the one to answer this.... but it could have been a miscarriage. but it could also have been something else. you should really see a doctor

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