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This may be a bad dual filiment bulb (1157,3057) dependin on year. Also the bulb may be in backwards. This is hard to do but is a possibility. If the signal indicator is on and stays on it is most likely a bad bulb. Otherwise you have a broken wire or a short in the lighting harness.

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Q: When your headlights are on your right turn signal does not work?
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Why would Front headlight signal light one side 95 Corsica dim with right dash signal lit up but not working Why will lights suddenly brighten dash signal turn off yet still not work All bulbs good?

You have a dual-filament signal bulb somewhere with a bad ground. Turn the headlights and turn signal on. The bulb with the bad ground will go completely out at times, even though the headlights are on.

Why do your turn signals work with headlights off but turn on and stay on with the headlights on 93 civic?

Check the contacts on the turn signal bulbs. Sounds like there may be a crack between the two contacts allowing the headlight/tailight voltage to cross over onto the turn signal contact. Hope this helps.

Turn signal light stays on when headlights are on does not work when headlights on but does work when headlights are off this is on a 90 prizm?

I realize that this is going to sound pretty dumb BUT....... Take the turn signal apart, totally, and wire brush all the connections very well. It sounds like you are getting a feed back through the ground. Do the same with the headlights. Put a little dielectric grease on the bulbs before putting them back into the sockets.

Your hazards work but the left turn signal does not?

if your right turn signal does not work then it could be the switch if not then it could be a wiring fault! Could also be turn signal flasher or switch in steering column as stated above

Brake lights don't work with headlights on only right side brake lights partially with headlights off Right turn signal in rear works always left turn signal flashes quickly always Any advice?

You have some problems with electrical connections. Most likely the ground wire of the tail lights. Also, the left light may be burned out or have a POSITIVE wire connection problem.

My 1999 Monte Carlo Z34 left turn signal will not work when headlights are on and when headlights off it works but the radio clock flashes Anybody have any ideas?

Yea, check the ground in the front turn signal socket. You'll probably find that the ground connection is corroded or completely disconnected.

Why would the right turn signal work but the left turn signal will not when all bulbs are good and working on a 1974 corvette?

could be a bad ground

Where is the left turn signal relay on a 2006 Honda Ridgeline located?

the left turn signal light on my ridgeline does not work but the right side works

1995 Pontiac Sun fire the left turn signal does not work the right turn signal does?

Check the bulbs. A failed bulb can often cause the signal to stop working on that side.

Why doesn't the wipers and right front turn signal work on my 2000 Ford Windstar LX?

Check the fuse for the wipers and replace the turn signal bulb.

Why would left turn signal on Saturn work but the right signal does not work?

Because the signal system is interconnected.Install new bulbs on the left side -including the front side...I realizethey work. You will be surprised.

Left turn signal won't work with headlights on what causes this?

I could not be sure about your particular problem, but I had to replace the Multi-Function and Turn signal switches in a 96 Lumina for similar strange problems of Brakes and signals not working in particular scenarios.

71 nova turn signals stop working when headlights are turned on?

I would almost bet it's the directional light switch in the steering column. Do they not work when you step on the brake pedal also? I'd put my money on a faulty ground at one of the turn signal lights. Watch the bulb when you turn on the turn signal with the headlights OFF. If both filaments are glowing in any bulb, it doesn't have a ground.

Your e450 turn signal wont work?

One of four things can cause a turn signal not to work. Either the turn signal switch assembly, a bad bulb, a bad fuse, or a bad turn signal flasher.

1987 corvette left turn signal does not work right does flashers work right side only?

je ne says pas

Is the turn signal bad if you have trouble with signals some times they will work sometimes you have to hold up on them to get them to work once gave a right hand signal and the left one flashed?

My guess would be the turn signal switch lever itself is defective.

Why would the brake lights and turn signals not work with the headlights on?

4 way flasher switch on top of the steering colum is what I have found better known as the turn signal, wiper, cruise control.

If all the light bulbs are good on a 1998 Pontiac Bonneville why would the left turn signal not work when the right turn signal does?

Either there is a wire lose or the flasher relay is not working right or lose in its socket.

Why does RT turn signal not work but when headlights come on it is lit Hazard doesn't flash either?

Check bulb May be shorted and backfeeding searching for ground

In cold weather turn signal does not work?

1995 hond accord in cold weather turn signal does not work?

What could cause the left turn signal to reamain on and the right signal wont turn on but the flashers work?

You could have a faulty bulb. Check for contact in both bulbs if they are new.

Why would your headlights work on high bim only when you pull the turn signal to you but does not work on low bim or high bim when you turn on the headlights switch in a 1995 jeep Cherokee?

I had the same problem, and it turned out to be a short in the wiring. Mine had the Cruise Control located in the steering wheel and when I turned it off...the lights worked fine.

How do you fix rear right turn signal in a ford escort. It's the only thing that does work my taillight works but not my blinker turn signal?

Replace the bulb, it has two filiments/ One for the tail, one for the turn.

Mercury grand marquis headlights will not come on and have to hold turn signal lever toward steering wheel to get brights to work?

sounds like the headlight control mudule

What would cause the left turn signal to work but not the right side on a 1989 Buick Park Ave.?

Check bulbs Turn signal flasher? Bad switch in steering column?