Where's Xamba on HorseIsle

Updated: 12/10/2022
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Xamba is located on the small part of jungle that is from the north west of tropicton. You can map him in any library on horse isle.

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Q: Where's Xamba on HorseIsle
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Where is xamba on HorseIsle?

Xamba lives on the large isle attached to the western side of Jungle Isle. If you want the exact location, go under "Research NPC" in the library, and type in Xamba. Then click "MAP" and look for a red dot... That is where you will find Xamba.

Where is master Lau's staff on horseisle?

Master Lau's staff is on the tiny island where indigo and Xamba live. by the rock Xamba... From Nolizon on server Brown

Who has the instruments for silver Mary's play on HorseIsle?

For the drum, see Xamba on Jungle Isle. If you don't know where he is, go to any library and go under "Search NPC" Type in Xamba, and hit Map once his name shows up. To get to Xamba, I suggest going straight through the swamp outside of Tropicton, and just squeezing through the trees. That'll make more sense once you've mapped Xamba.For the french horn, you first have to ask Xamba about it. He'll tell you to go to the Tropicton bank, and talk to the banker. She will tell you that her instructor is Grant, the banker of Wington. You can buy a used one from him for $500, or a new one for $5,000.

How do you do harmonys new clarinet quest on horseisle?

Go see Harmony to start the quest. She sends you to Xamba on Jungle(map him if you don't know where he lives). Xamba needs 5 EBONY LOGS. He then sends you to Sandy in Appleton to make the keys. Sandy needs 25 SILVER ores. Sandy sends you to Barrett on Tail(General Store) to get the reeds. Bring the reeds back to Sandy who has by now finished the keys. Bring everything to Xamba who has the clarinet. Bring the clarinet back to Harmony and have her play it for you. Reward: 20k/250qp Hope this helped! DarlingHeart from Roan Server

Where do you get the french horn for silver Mary's quest on horseisle?

First ask Xamba on Jungle isle, He'll tell you to ask Lucie, who works at the bank in tropicton, She'll tell you to go to the bank in wington, the guy there will give you a french horn

Where do you get the french horn for Silver Mary's quest?

talk to xamba on jungle isle. he will tell you where to go from there.

How do you do Harmony's New Clarinet quest on horseisle?

Start by talking to Harmony. She will ask you to make her a new clarinet. To make it, go and see Xamba on Jungle Isle. He will need molds for the keys and 5 logs of ebony wood, but he tells you that he can make the molds and so you just need to get him the wood. When you have the logs, return to him and he will tell you to go and see Sandy Flint, the rock shop owner in Appleton to take the molds and ask him for reeds and keys. Go to Sandy, he will tell you to get him 25 silver ore to fill in the keys. When you have the ores, bring them back to him and he will then tell you to go and see Barrett on Tail Isle for the reeds. Barrett will give you a box of reeds for 1k. Then, when your done talking to Barrett, travel back to Sandy Flint. He will give you the molds and the bag of clarinet keys to take back to Xamba. When you get back to Xamba, he will make the clarinet and give it to you. Then, take it back to Harmony.

Where is your PSP charger?

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What does Apollo where?

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How do you hack horseisle?

There is no actual way to hack into HorseIsle.

What is brio in HorseIsle?

HORSEISLE ANSWER:SpiritEverPuppy-Brown Server

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Horseisle is a computer game so it is international.