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He died at the E4, 2 miles north of Ljungby in Sweden.

The above answer doesnt answer the question, they are not asking where he died, rather where he lived.

Cliff lived in an apartment block (just off the boulevard), on Stanton Avenue, Castro Valley, San Francisco California.
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How did Cliff Burton die in 1986?

Cliff Burton was killed when Metallica's tour bus was involved in an accident.The bus landed on top of cliff..and they safely took it off and he was still alive however the bus dropped back onto cliff when on the crane which killed him. James Hetfield claimed the bus driver was quite drunk, however, ( Full Answer )

How did cliff Burton die?

According to the driver the bus they are riding during they tour ran over a patch of black ice, skidded off of the road and flipped onto the grass in Ljungby Municipality, near Dörarp in rural southern Sweden. During the time when the bus flipped over Cliff Burton got sucked out the window and th ( Full Answer )

What kind of guitar does cliff Burton play?

Cliff Burton of Metallica played a bass. The different kinds of bass' he played were: Rickenbacker 4001, Alembic Spolier, and Aria Pro II. The different type of equitment he used were: Morley Power Wah Boost - (used for Bass Solos & "Seek And Destroy" and for "For Whom The Bell Tolls") Electro H ( Full Answer )

What kind of guitar did cliff Burton play?

He played bass. . 1973 Rickenbacker 4001 in Oxblood modified with Gibson and Seymour-Duncan pickups. . Aria Pro II SB-1000. . Aria Pro II SB Black 'n' Gold I. . Alembic Spoiler. This was stolen, according to Burton in an interview.

What kind of strings did cliff Burton use?

i heard he used roto-sound bass strings but idk I've been lookin. Yes, Cliff Burton (RIP) used the Rotosound Swing Bass 66 - LB - 35-90 LIGHT GAUGE and also the FUNKMASTER BASS STRINGS all available from Rotosound .The light gauge permiy him to make bendings and all the stuff just like seen on FOR ( Full Answer )

Where does Tim Burton live?

Tim Burton lives with his partner Helena Bonham-Carter and his two children. They own a house in Sutton Courtenay in Oxfordshire but travel to Hollywood often.

Is Cliff Burton the greatest bass guitar player ever?

In my personal opnion yes, but he was not around long enough to get the credit deserved.. I believe that he was an excellent metal bassist, but not the greatest who ever lived. Victor Wooten, Flea, Stanley Clarke and John Entwhistle to name a few.

Where does Burton Cummings live?

He currently winters in California (Sherman Oaks) and returns to Winnipeg in the summer, living in Canada throughout autumn. He has a home on Vancouver Island where he typically goes to get away from it all. http://www.officialburtoncummings.com/bio

How did cliff Burton former bass guitarist of metallica died?

While on tour there bus flipped over in crash. not only did he go out the window that was level to where he slept, but after crushing him the 1st time when they actually raised the bus up with heavy equipment to get him out they lost control of it and it slammed back to the ground & crushed some mo ( Full Answer )

How old is Cliff Burton?

Cliff Burton was born on February 10, 1962 and died on September 27, 1986. Cliff Burton would have been 24 years old at the time of death or 53 years old today.

Where does Cliff Richard live?

Cliff Richard spends his time at his various homes in the UK, Portugal and Barbados. He also tends to spend the UK winter months in Australia and New Zealand.

When did Cliff Burton die?

He died on 27th September 1986- he was killed when Metallica's tour bus crashed during the second leg of their Damage Inc. tour in Southern Sweden.. They were travelling through Sweden's Ljungby Municipality near the town of Dorap, when the bus skidded late at night and ended up on it's side on a ( Full Answer )

What animals live at cliffs?

Few animals live on a cliff but There a many types of animals that live in the mountains... Snow Leopard, mountain goat, llamas, sometimes grizzly bears, bighorn sheep, puma, elk, hoary marmot, harlequin duck, pika, ermine, golden eagle, bald eagle, hawk, falcons, vultures, andean condor, California ( Full Answer )

What kind of bass Did Cliff Burton use?

Aria Pro II SB-1000. . Aria Pro II SB Black 'n' Gold I. . Alembic Spoiler. This was stolen, according to Burton in an interview.

What year did Cliff Burton die?

He died in 1986 On September 27, 1986, Burton died when the band's tour bus skidded and crashed in Ljungby, Sweden.

In what year cliff Burton died?

1986 while touring in sweeden and supporting masterofPuppets album, he was touring with metallica when he got in a bus accident and was killed .they were on way to tour on denmark.

What happen to Cliff Burton?

During the European leg of the Damage Inc. tour in support of Master of Puppets , Metallica complained that the sleeping cubicles on their tour bus were unsatisfactory and uncomfortable. Guitarist Kirk Hammett argued with Burton about who was getting the pick of the bunks, so as a solution they dre ( Full Answer )

Where is Cliff Burton buried?

Cliff Burton was not buried, but was cremated. His ashes were then spread at the place he spent a lot of time -- the Maxwell Ranch.

Where does Steve Burton live?

He lives in a mansion with a wife and 3 kids while Ben Cmrlec roots his dog with a strap-on in Steve's Bin

Who replaced Cliff Burton of Metallica?

He was replaced by the bassist of Flotsam And Jetsam in 1986. Jason Newsted replaced Cliff Burton but the spirit of Burton will never be replaced.

Was cliff Burton atheist?

According to someone who knew him, Burton believed in a creator - but not like the biblical god.

What happened to cliff Burtons basses after his death?

I know Jason Newsted received an old Aria Pro II SB1000 that Cliff had used onstage during the Master of Puppets era. So far as the rest, I'd imagine his parents Ray and Jan Burton have them.

What songs did cliff Burton play?

Cliff Burton was the bass guitarist for Metallica from 1982 until his death in fall of 1986. He played on Metallica's first 3 studio albums as well as countless demos. He was also in another band called Trauma before Metallica, though I'm not sure that band ever released anything with him. Here are ( Full Answer )

What was cliff Burtons last concert?

Burton's last concert was in Stockholm, Sweden on September 26, 1986. The bust crashed on September 27th in Dorarp, Sweden on the way to the next show in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Where was Cliff Burton buried?

Cliff was cremated and his ashes were scattered at his family ranch in San Francisco. A memorial marking is in Sweden where he died.

Where does cliff Richard now live?

He has taken citizenship in Barbados and lives there from January-May He lives in Portugal June-September. He also has homes in America and the UK.

Where is cliff Burtons grave?

Cliff Burton got cremated. His ashes was taken to Maxwell Ranch California where everyone took a bit of him and say what they had to say. The reason WHY they scattered his ashes in Maxwell Ranch IS BECAUSE that's the place he loved very much.

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Why did Cliff Burton start playing bass?

When Cliff was 13 years old, he started playing bass. He said: "I'm going to be the best bassist for my brother.", because his brother died when Cliff was 13 years.

How did cliff Burtons brother die?

It says it the book To live is to die, that Scott died of a cerebral aneurysm when he was 16 years old. Cliff was

Where is cliff Burton bured?

cliff Burton was cremated and his ashes were spread all over the maxville ranch in Castro valley California

How much is a cliff Burton autograph?

I can assure you this. If you try to buy it from a Metallica fan, you can't afford it. Of course with any memorabilia, the price is completely up to the seller.

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Bears can because bears can live in a cave on a cliff. Also goats can climb well so maybe those too. Anyway I acually have no idea I just fell like saying that I love Taylor Swift! Do YOU? Answer this question quick.

How Cliff Burton died?

Cliff was in a bus crash in Sweden when he died. He was sleeping in a bunk next to a window when the bus supposedly hit a 'Black Ice' patch. The bus driver couldn't keep control of the bus. Cliff was thrown out the window as the bus toppled over on its side. Cliff's abdominal area was crushed by the ( Full Answer )

How did Cliff Burton come to join Metallica?

lars and James asked him to join the band, he said that he will join but the band have to move from LA to San Francisco, they did and the rest is history

Was cliff Burton on the Misfits?

No, he was just a big fan. Metallica even did a remake of die, die, my darling on garage inc. for this reason (maybe in his honor).

What is Cliff Burton most well known for?

Cliff Burton is best known for having been an heavy metal musican and bass guitarist for the band Metallica & an early member of the band, playing on their first three albums. He is also known for dying when the band's tour band over-turned.