Where and when will the Olympics stop?


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When countries go into war and there are know allies so they will not co-operate and host the Olympics because they don't have trust in eachother

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why did the greek Olympics stop why did the greek Olympics stop

Byzantine Emperor Theodosius the 2nd declared to stop the ancient Olympics as he hated Zeus.

They prepare for the winter Olympics by non stop training

He says that he has stopped and that he will not be in the 2016 Olympic games. Sadly he is going to stop swimming in the Olympics when he is 30. He said at the winter Olympics that 2012 olympis will be his last Olympics because he will be 27, and he doesn't want to swim at the Olympics after he 30. :(

we did not compete naked but they did and we did not have to stop wars to be in them and women were not aloud to be in the greek Olympics or even see them

stop asking me i dont know

Ancient Greeks were very serious about the Olympics that even when they are in the middle of a war,they will actually stop what there doing and go and play in the Olympics!

because people could get hurt ?

The Olympics were last celebrated in AD 393, and abolished for being un-Christian the following year.

Eggman and bowser plan to ruin the Olympics, when sonic and Mario hear this they come together to stop the villans plans

Two world wars postponed both the Summer and Winter Olympics until peace allowed then to continue.

There are many different ways. The most common is to touch the wall. You can choose how you want to stop.

in 1994 and 16662 this kinda looks wrong coz when was 16662

The Greeks stopped fighting every four years for the Olympics because the Olympics honored the gods.

The ancient Olympics were last celebrated in AD 393. They were abolished the following year by a decree of the Roman Emperor Theodosius, because they were un-Christian.

The Olympics have only been stopped three times. In 1916 becasue of WWI, and in 1940 and 1944, Becasue of WWII.

Theodious stopped them because they were doing pagan things.REALLY REALLY!!!

because king Theodosius said they were non-Christian

He's been swimming since he was three but he has been non stop training for the Olympics since 2000. That was four years before the Olympics in Athens. So technically Michael Phelps has been training eight straight years for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Ban any violator of controlled substances and/or performance enhancement drugs. Also improved mandatory testing practices at the Olympics.

First Off Stop Airing Hollywood Interviews and Sunrise during the First Two Days and any Day During the Olympics. Just Air The Olympics instead of Sunrise and Fix The Internet Streaming So That It Doesn't Crash.

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