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Okay well, Lucas and Peyton had their baby in season 6 and they moved away,

Karen had her baby (Lily Rose Scott) and is traveling with Andy (Her boyfriend)

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Peyton and Lucas leave One Tree Hill after they have their daughter Sawyer Scott in Season 6 the last episode

Lucas and Peyton leave season 6 episode 23 after they get married and after Peyton gives birth to sawyer and wakes up from a coma. They leave in Lucas' car that says commet on it ...

Karen left One Tree Hill in season six. She appeared in a total of 83 episodes including the pilot episode of the show.

Peyton or her baby do not die. Peyton has a baby girl and her and Lucas leave. this means Chad Micheal Murray or Hilarie Burton will not be in the show after she leaves.

Peyton and Nathan Nathan and Haley Skills (antwon) and Bevin Lucas and Peyton Lucas and Brooke Phelix and Brooke Mouth (Marvin) and Shelly Rachel and Lucas Jake and Peyton Jake and Niki Keith and Karen Dan and Karen Deb and Dan Julian and Brooke Julian and Peyton Lucas and Lindsey Karen and Andy Lucas and Anna Quinn and Clay Milli and Mouth Brooke and Owen Brooke and Chase

No, Peyton does not die.

They are absent from the show in season 7, this is because the have taken their daughter Sawyer to live with Lucas' mother Karen.

No Peyton does not die. The actress who plays Peyton in One Tree Hill, Hilarie Burton, as well as her on-screen husband, Lucas, played by Chad Michael Murray, have decided to leave the show after the finale of the sixth season. In the show, their characters appeared to have moved away.

Haley James Scott Brooke Davis Peyton Sawter (Scott) Karen Roe Deb Scott Racheal Catina

Julian and Peyton used to date in one tree hill when she worked in LA

from season 7 and onwards peyton, lucas and sawyer are no longer in one tree hill

Peyton and Lucas leave the show after season 6 however it is planned for them to come back for the last season of One Tree Hill in season 9

Hilarie Burton plays Peyton Sawyer in One Tree Hill. I love her > Brilliant Actress!Hilarie Burton plays Peyton Sawyer in One Tree Hill. I love her > Brilliant Actress!

yea Peyton is pregnant, with lucas's baby :D

no. both Peyton and the baby survive.

The reason Peyton left was because she wanted to return to her hometown Los Angeles. Lucas's job required this move. Hilarie Burton the actress who plays Peyton was getting fed up with the show she says that she needs something new.

It is said that Peyton and Lucas will return for season 9 of One Tree Hill as they were the originals from the start and they want them to be present in there last season of One Tree hill

Karen Roe is Lucas Scott's mom.

No, but in the finale Peyton and Lucas have theirs and Peyton survives!:)

Hilarie Burton in real life.Is she named after Peyton Manning?

No, because Peyton en Lucas are not in season 7

Peyton got shot in season 3 by Jimmy Edwards.

Peyton is not in season 7 of One Tree Hill, because Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) decided not to go on in one tree hill, so they had to cut Peyton out too, or it would be weird having Peyton and Sawyer there in Tree Hill but not Lucas. no that's not what happned lucas didnt sign on 4 another year cus he didnt want 2 n they had 2 cut money stuff down so Peyton left 2

The type of business Karen Roe has in One Tree Hill is a cafe, which is called Karen's Cafe.

i think it was because the producers of one tree hill couldn't afford to pay the actors who play them .. (chad Michael Murray and hilarie Burton) there's more info on wikipedia ... :D