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Marked on the barrel where it is made.

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Impossible to answer without the serial number.

Browning does not publish accuracy standards.

Your Browning X bolt composite rifle weights 6.5lbs empty.

Highly recommend you ask a gunsmith for assistance.

Unknown. Depends on the shooter and ammo used.

you will need to call Browning.Browning chose a 1"in 14"twist rate for all rifles chambered in 22-250 caliber.

Your browning model auto-5 shotgun was made by FN for browning in 1949.

Yes, I dont have a picture but yes they do. I myself am looking for a 7mm08 in browning but, Browning is not going to be making a blued/wood finish in an A bolt Hunter. In 2008 Browning will be coming out with the X-Bolt so you may have to wait until the 1st part of next year to get one, but you could get lucky and find one here and there. If you go to you can see the pictures of 7mm08 in the X-Bolt. I will be getting one when it comes out. You may want to read up on the X-bolt sounds like it may be worth the wait. Hope this helped

Your browning sweet sixteen was made by FN for browning in 1951.

It is possible, but, recommend it not be done. Safety issue.

Are you talking about a bolt action rifle? Is it a Belgium made? Give me a call at 417-830-5588 or e-mail me at I am interested enough to here more about your rifle. Thanks. Browning Collector

The browning web page does not list serials this low and or numbers with a X. Based on that list it was made in the 30's?

With the serial number that you supplied,your Browning 16ga auto-5 shotgun was made in the year 1948.

With the serial number that you provided,your Browning auto-5 shotgun was produced in Belguim by FN for Browning in the year 1951.

The model number is needed. A "A-Bolt" would be aprox 4-800 dollars.

Your rifle was made in 1968 at FN Belgium. What grade is the rifle? The 1968 gun law forced Browning to start using the "L" in all of the long action rifles. It is difficult to know what grade a person may have based soley upon the serial number. For example, in 1967 the Safari Grade had the "L", the Medallion Grade had the "X" and the Olympian Grade had a "P". From 1968 until the end of production in 1975, the long action rifles had an "L" in all of the long action rifles (.300 Win, .308 Norma, .338, .458, .375 and 7 mm). Your Browning has a factory pad. It could be a short or long extractor as in 1968 Browning went to the short extracor, but still had some excess receivers left in the long extractor configuration. The long extractor is worth a little more money. Browning made a lot of 7 mm Bolt Actions (approx 8200 total and about 439 in 1968), so they are not as sought after from a collectors stand point. Your rifle may also have a salt wood stock. Numerous rifles have been produced under the Browning trade name over the years. 7mm is the caliber, and 8L-47828 is the serial number. To answer your question, you need all of the markings from the rifle, including the model number and place of manufacture (e.g., Belgium, Japan, etc.). In any event, for a gun with collectors' value, the most important element is condition. Without all of that information, no value can be estimated.

The following actions, brands and models and are available in .270 WSM in 2009: Bolts, in synthetic and wood models, blued and usually stainless barrels: Browning A-bolt and X-bolt; Kimber 8400 and Montana; Remington Model 700 and its value-line Model Seven; Savage in many variations; Tikka T3 and T3 lite; Weatherby Vanguard; and Winchester Model 70. Semi-automatics: Browning BAR, Benelli R1; and Winchester Super X G1. Lever actions: Browning BLR (pistol-grip and straight stock, regular or takedown).

All weapons exhibit a preference for one or more brands and projectile weights. You will have to buy as much as you can and shoot to get the answer for YOUR weapon.

Go to Browning's website. There is a sn function under customer service.

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