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Monochrome laser printers are used everywhere. They are used in people's homes, in businesses, and in schools. The monochrome printer only prints in one color, usually black.

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Q: Where are monochrome laser printers used?
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From where could one purchase a monochrome laser printer?

Many companies sell monochrome laser printers. One can purchase monochrome laser printers from Tiger Direct, Office Max, Office Depot, Best Buy, and Staples.

What brands other than Brother manufacture monochrome laser printers?

Other than the company Brother, Dell, Canon, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Samsung, Lenovo, Xerox, OKI Data, Lexmark, Panasonic and Pentax also manufacture monochrome laser printers.

Which laser type is used in laser printers?

The old laser printers used He-Ne laser , and the modern laser printers use infrared laser .

What colours does a bw laser printer print in?

A B&W Laser Printer prints in black and white. It is a monochrome printer, or one colored printer. B&W Laser Printers are often used in businesses where color is not needed.

Do any Cnon laser printers print in color?

Yes, Canon makes printers that print in color. Although canon is known for monochrome printers and copiers, they do also produce models of color printers.

What is a mono laser printer used for?

A monochrome laser printer is used for printing in one color: black.

What is a popular brand of black and white laser printers?

There are many brands of monochrome laser printers. Some of the most popular are HP Laserjet, Lexmark, and Canon. Each brand offers multiple models with a variety of sizes, designs, and features.

What are the key functions of a mono laser printer?

Monochrome (mono) laser printers are ideal for printing black and white text and suitable for personal or company use where color documents are simply not needed. Mono laser printers are generally cheaper than color lasers and faster than inkjet printers. When shopping for a mono laser printer, the key functions to look for are paper capacity, speed, and print quality.

Is dye or semiconductor or gas or excimer laser used in laser printers?

Semiconductor laser

What are some of the top monochrome printers?

A monochrome printer is a printer that can only print in one colour, usually black. The Dell 5230dn Laser printer, OKI Printing Solutions b710dn, and Samsung ML-3712ND are some of top monochromeprinters.

What are laser scanners used for?

Laser scanners are used in: 3d printers, laser printers, for treatment of long-sighted eyes, laser shows, in microscopes, laser tv, LIDAR which is a technology that can determine the distance of objects. It is also used in barcode scanners.

Why are mono laser printers better than ink jet?

By definition a laser printer uses a process of electrostatic digital printing in which a laser beam is passed over a charged drum in order to define an image that is deferentially charged rapidly producing graphics and text of a high quality. A mono (or monochrome) laser printer is a laser printer that only has one ink toner cartridge, almost always black. It is a black and white printer. It may also be possible to get different color cartridges but only one can be used at a time so it is still a monochrome printer. Specialty ink cartridges are also available such as magnetic ink cartridges (MICR) for printing the bottom of a check. A color laser printer is one that has multiple ink toner cartridges so that it can print in various colors The toner cartridges are usually yellow, magenta, cyan (like yellow red, blue). The better laser printers will have a separate black cartridge for monochrome printing. Other black printing is done by combining all three ink color to get black which is wasteful and expensive.