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Any of the beaches on St. John Island are pretty good. I've snorkeled all of them and they have some great reefs.

2007-01-28 23:03:51
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Which of the Virgin Islands is best for vacation?

Opinions may vary, but in my view:In the US Virgin Islands: St JohnIn the British Virgin Islands: Virgin Gorda

What are the best islands to see in December?

The Virgins. Virgin Islands, I mean. Of course. But visiting a virgin is nice too.

What si the best city in the Virgin Islands?

Charlotte Amalie in the United States Virgin Islands (Saint Thomas island) and Road Town in British Virgin Islands (Tortola island).

Where are the best snorkeling sites in the US?

The finest snorkling will be in the Florida keys... top among them is Key Biscayne and Islamorada.

Top Snorkeling Destinations?

There are numerous beaches and other destinations throughout the world, where a person can observe many varieties of marine life. One such destination is the Cayman Islands, which is home to some of the best snorkeling locations. Stingray City in the Cayman Islands is a popular tourist destination and features hundreds of stingrays that can be observed in addition to other marine life. Other locations which feature some of the best snorkeling include Belize, Cozumel, Honduras, Hawaii, California, Florida and the Galapagos Islands.

Where is the best snorkeling on Maui?

Ahihi-Kina'u Natural Reserve is the best snorkeling spot on Maui!

Where are the best spots to go snorkeling in Maui?

The best spot to go snorkeling in Maui is in honolu'a. It provides the best world class snorkeling spot. You will see lots of colorful fish and coral formations.

Do people often visit the channel islands?

yes they are the best islands ive been to next to the virgin islands i saw a lot of tourist while i visited them

What are good places to cruise?

Bahamas, Jamaica, Alaska, Cayman Islands, US Virgin Islands, Mexico and Europe are the best places to cruise.

Where is it possible to find US Virgin Islands vacation packages?

The best place to find information about vacation packages to the U.S. Virgin Islands is a local travel agent. These businesses will have brochures and pricing information for the different packages offered.

Where is the best place to go on vacations in the Caribbean in sepbember during hurricane season?

i think that the virgin islands is the best but i dont know about the hurricanes

Which island is better to visit in the us Virgin Islands?

Type your answer here... The best island is St.Croix its all about history

What is the best MMA gym in the US Virgin Islands?

OUT-L.A.S.T. MMA training center in st Thomas usvi.

What is one us teritory?

Puerto Rico is perhaps the best known US Territory. The US Virgin Islands, Guam, the Marianas Islands, and several more are others.

Do we get luxury hotels in St. Thomas US Virgin Islands?

There are plenty of hotels in St. Thomas to have a pleasant and luxurious stay. Although I can help you by some of the best I liked the most:- 1. 2. 3. etc

From where can one purchase a Virgin Mobile prepaid cell phone?

One can purchase a prepaid Virgin mobile phone online from sites such as Virgin Mobile, Best Buy, Amazon, Overstock, Target, Walmart, The Good Guys and eBay.

Where are the best snorkeling sites in the world?

the one that you can get to! seriously though, here is an awesome site that that summarizes all the best shore diving (and snorkeling) places in the world. A few that I can highly recommend is Foster's park in West Palm Beach Florida and numerous spots down in the keys but my favorite had to be tiny little island just outside of the Garden Island Resort in FIJI

What are the Best travel destinations?

According to a majority of travel agents, these are the best travel locations outside the USA: Zurich, Tokoyo, Panama, abd Virgin Gorda (The British Virgin Islands); in the USA: Ashville, NC, Portland, Oregon, and Glen Canyon, Utah.

Where can you purchase snorkeling equipment from?

The best place to buy snorkeling equipment is a dedicated sporting goods store. At the store you will be able to try on alternative sets and get expert advice to enable you to pick the best set for your needs and budget.

What is the best snorkling place in the world?

I strongly recommend you try snorkeling in Malta (Europe)

Can you use Hawaiian Islands in a sentence?

Last summer, we went on vacation to the Hawaiian Islands.The Hawaiian Islands are an island chain that have been created by volcanoes formed under the sea.The Hawaiian Islands are slowly moving northwest with the Pacific tectonic Plate.The Hawaiian Islands are home to an indigenous culture, which may come as a surprise to many mainlanders (visitors).Out of all the Hawaiian Islands, the Big Island may have the best snorkeling, as it is the youngest island.Choosing a favorite beach from the Hawaiian Islands may be difficult.Grammar:Basically, it is a 'collective noun'.Hope this helps.

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Are there any online sites that offer discounted cruise rates for seniors?

There are many online sites that offer discounts for senior citizen cruises. They will tell you what islands and different areas they travel around the globe and how they can best accommodate you.

What part of sharm el sheikh is best for snorkelling?

I think the best place for snorkeling near and around sharm is sharks bay and ras Mohamed.

What is the best brand of virgin coconut oil in Kerala?

NIVARA Virgin Coconut Oil