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Q: Where are the branches in the British heart foundation?
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When was British Heart Foundation created?

British Heart Foundation was created in 1961.

Who started the British heart foundation?

The British heart foundation was started by a group of medical professionals in 1961

What is the Purpose of the british heart foundation?

The British Heart Foundation is the UK's number one heart charity. The purpose of the charity is to raise money and awareness for various forms of heart disease.

Where can I find out more about british heart foundation diet?

This diet (Not endorsed by the actual British Heart Foundation) claims to offer an unhealthy rate of weight loss. These are diets to be wary of. More information can be found at:

What is the aim of the charity The British Heart Foundation?

The British Heart Foundation seeks to fund research for heart disease causes and to help prevent heart disease in the general public by holding seminars, fundraising and such.

What are the similarities of Tesco and The British Heart Foundation?


Who is helped by the british heart foundation?

its helped by celebrities and they do it for charity

How many people work for the british heart foundation?


Does the british heart foundation diet work?

The British heart foundation diet can work if only you are dedicated and only follow their instruction on diet such as schedule, what kind of food your allowed to eat, etc.

Is the british heart foundation a tertiary Sector?

noits a primary

How many employees does have british heart foundation have?

29,000 in countries worldwide

What is British heart Foundation Mission statement?

To help as many people as in need.