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The idol fragments are in Greenhorn Plains, Knotwood Forest, Rivet Ravine, Bottomsup Bay, and Mt. Lavaflow... and Secret Island.

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Q: Where are the fragments on fossil fighters?
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Where are all the idol fragments in fossil fighters?

all the idol fragments would be by in the building by the bridge

Can you transfer your dinosaurs from Fossil Fighters to Fossil Fighters Champions?

No but you can send fossils from fossil fighters to fossil fighters champions.

Can you send fossils from fossil fighters to fossil fighters champions?

Yes! You can send fossils from fossil fighters to fossil fighters champions via the fossil cannon, located in Ribular town in Fossil Fighters Champions.

What is super fossil fighters?

it is fossil fighters number 2

When did Fossil Fighters happen?

Fossil Fighters happened in 2008.

Can you send fossils from fossil fighters champions to fossil fighters?


Where to get Elasmoth on fossil fighters?

For the original Fossil Fighters game, you can get Elasmoth in Bottomsup Bay. No idea about Fossil Fighters Champions, though...

How do you get champion dinosaurs in fossil fighters?

You can only get fossil fighters champions vivosaurs in fossil fighters champions! Is that simple enough for ya?

Which digsite is maia fossil found on fossil fighters?

maia is found on the secert island in fossil fighters and in hot spring hights in fossil fighters champions

Is fossil fighters a movie?

fossil fighters is not a movie learn ok !

How do you find the Ingo fossil on Fossil Fighters?

Igno is a king trye from fossil fighters champino

Where do you find sachian in fossil fighters?

If you meant Saichan, then Mt. Lavaflow in the regular Fossil Fighters. I'm not sure about Fossil Fighters: Champions.