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On sides of engine block.

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Q: Where are the freeze plugs on a 3400 v6 engine block?
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Is a Chevy 3100 engine block and a Chevy 3400 engine block the same?


How many spark plugs does the Chevy Venture 3400 SFI engine have?

The 1996-2006 Chevy Venture has a 3.4L V6 engine and requires 6 spark plugs.

Where is the camshaft position sensor located on a 2000 Oldsmobile alero 3400?

It is located beneath the power steering pump in the engine block

Can you put a 3400 engine in a car that has a 3.1L. I found a 3400 3.4 sfi engine and trans for my 89 Cutlass Supreme and it come with the wiring harness ecm etc. What will I need to do to put it in?

It should bolt right in as the 3.4 is the same block as the 3.1 and as long as you have the wiring harness and computer your all set.

What liters is a 3400 SFI engine?


Where is the coolant bleeder valve on a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am?

The coolant bleeder valve should be on the front passenger side of the engine. It will be on one of the metal hoses. The bleeder valve on the 3400 V6 engine is located on a black stem where the water pump connects to the engine block.

What is the coolant capacity for 2002 impala?

3400 (code E) V6 Engine: 11.3 us quarts (10.7 liters) 3800 (code K) V6 Engine: 11.7 us quarts (11.0 liters)

What is 3400 4000?

Engine size in terms of mililiter.

What engine is in the 1998 Pontiac transport?

3400 v6

Will 3400 v6 grand am parts interchange with a 3400 v6 Monte Carlo?

If you mean engine and drive train parts....yes.

Can a 3800 motor be replaced with a 3400 motor?

This swap is not recommended, and does not have any benefit. The 3800 engine is superior to the 3400 engine in every way. Replacement would be complicated and costly, you're better off to buy a vehicle that already has a 3400 in it, if that's really what you want.

Would a 3400 engine be a good engine swap for a 89 Chevy Z24?

Yes it is and its the easyest to do.

Do you have an engine diagram of a 97 Venture 3400 SFI?


Is there a diagram of 2000 Pontiac Grand Am SE 3400 engine sensors?

Yes, there is a diagram available for the 2000 Pontiac Grand AM SE 3400 engine sensors. It is found in the maintenance book bought at local auto part shops.

How much does a 1991 Grand Prix weigh?

around 3400 lbs. The exact figure depends on which engine, options, etc., but generally about 3400 lbs.

How and which 3.1l engine can you swap in your 99 z24 cavalier?

i can answer that one the 3400 out of a 2000 grand am will slap right in. there are afew others including the 3400 out of the avalanche

Can you swap out 3100 engine for 3400 in 98 grand am?

yes.. i have a 99 grand am gt come stock 3400 and i put a 3100 in it.. runs perfect..

What is average engine rpm on mower?

most are around 3400 rpm

What type of engine does a 2002 impala have?

6 cylinder motor it is the 3400 or 3800 series engine both are v6

When you are starting off the engine dies out or bogs down until after about 3400 rmp Why?

It means it takes more gas to get the engine going

Is changing the spark plugs on a 2003 Pontiac Montana the same as the 1999?

It should be the same 3400 motor. The correct/dealer way it to disconnect the exhaust from the Cadillac. Then remove two front engine mounts. Support the engine from top or bottom and lower to gain access to the 3 plugs in the back. You could remove the air intake and with lots of patience, a small hand and a few extensions and elbow sockets and about 3 hours later have it done without lowering the engine. I don't get why they did not make an access panel under the dash, you could get at the plugs and flex pipe which is another headache, same as changing the thermostat.

Where are the spark plugs on a 2000 Oldsmobile Alero?

In order to gain access to the spark plugs on a 2000 Alero, you must remove the cover on top of the engine that has the engine size. The cover is like a faux valve cover, once you pull it off, you can easily gain access to the spark plugs. You don't need to take off any cover if it's the 3.4 (3400). Look directly behind the radiator and you will see three wires going to the plugs. The other three are located behind the engine in the same location as the front. Just follow the wires and you'll do fine. On a 2000 Alero with a 2.4L, they are located under the cover from the top of the engine. They can be accessed by removing the four bolts on the top cover, then unplugging the wire connector located on the right side.

How do you change back 3 spark plugs on 1997 grand am?

its easy if you go though the passagers side wheel well if this is on 3100 or 3400

What is cc definition in bikes?

It stands for cubic centimeters for the engine.. In trucks 3.4litres would be 3400 cc but bigger engine, more power

How much torque does the engine in the 2012 Nissan Titan have?

The 2012 Nissan Titan's engine produces 385 ft-lbs. @ 3400 rpm.