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The Atlantic Ocean started to form about 200 million years ago, shortly after the beginning of extensive volcanic activity, associated with tensions in the continental crust between nowaday's Afrika and North America. The oldest oceanic crust in the Atlantic Ocean is therefore found off the continental slopes of the USA and Northwest Africa.

The continental shelfs, of course, comprise rocks below their sedimentary cover that often are much older than the oldest oceanic crust.

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The oldest rocks are found on land.

The oldest rocks are found farthest from the Mid Ocean Ridge

No. Mid-ocean ridges are where new rocks are formed. The oldest oceanic rocks will be furthest from the MOR.

The oldest rocks are actually on land but in the ocean crust they would be the rocks closest to land. The mid-ocean ridge forms new rocks. They are usually located in the middle of the ocean.

The oldest rocks on the continents would be much older than the rocks on the sea floor because the rocks on the continents are not being removed unlike the rocks on the sea floor that are made by the mid-ocean ridge are being removed by deep ocean trenches. this prossess that is occuring on the sea floor is called sea floor spreading. evidence of this is the Pacific ocean shrinking and the Atlantic ocean growing.

At the mid-atlantic ridge, where the ocean floor is spreading.

The oldest rocks on the ocean floor are those that are being subducted under less dense crust and into the mantle at convergent plate margins.

The oldest rocks found on the ocean's crust, or the oceanic lithosphere, are located farthest away from a mid ocean ridge. Since mid ocean ridges create new oceanic crust, the oldest crust is naturally the farthest away and would be near continental crust.

The rock of the Atlantic Ocean seafloor is less than 200 million years of age on the oldest end, and currently in the process of creation at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

The oldest rocks on the ocean floor would be those at the colliding edge of the plate boundary.Answer 2: The oldest of all oceanic rocks are on the Asian side of the pacific plate.

In 1990, after 20 years of searching, geologists found the oldest oceanic rocks by drilling into the seafloor of the western Pacific. These rocks turned out to be about 200 million years old, only about 4% of the Earth's age.

Some of the oldest rocks found in North America have been on the Canadian Shield.

That is normally where they would be found; farthest away from the point at which they were initially formed.

the oldest rocks on earth can be found in Greenland. They ar epreserved because they are always covered with a thin laye of ice.

The oldest rocks in North America are found in Minnesota. The oldest of these rocks age to 3.6 billion years old.

oldest at the bottom youngest on top. Its the law of superposition. They also found that the age of rocks increases with increased distance from mid-ocean-ridges.

Australia and Canada are currently competing for the coveted 'Home of the World's Oldest Rocks' title.

Salt comes from rocks. When water wears down rocks at the beach particles of sand are washed into the ocean.

alfred wegner found the same plants,rocks,and fossils on both sides of the atlantic ocean

The oldest rock's found on the moon are 4.0 billion years old.

Australia's oldest suburb is found in Sydney. It is the suburb of The Rocks.

More rivers in the United States flow into the Atlantic Ocean.Pikachu Rocks ^_^

yes young rocks are found at mid ocean ridges not old rocks.

The youngest rocks are found near a mid-ocean ridge.

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