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Oxygen Sensor There are actually (4) O2 sensors on your truck. If you look inside the wheel wells behind the fender liner, right about where the frame is one O2 sensor, the other is underneath the truck about half way back in relation to the transmission. If you see where the exhaust joints together, you went about 6" too far.

When you start looking at the O2 sensors, they are normally numbered something like "Bank 1 Sensor 1" Bank 1 is on the passenger side; Bank 2 is on the driver's side. Sensor 1 is the upstream sensor (near the frame, between the block and the cat) and Sensor 2 is near the Y-pipe (downstream of the cat).

Normally it is the upstream sensors (sensor 1) that go first. They see the harshest conditions. You will need; Oxygen Sensor Socket Anti-Seized Penetrating Oil Sometimes it will take 15 minutes or take a few hours it depends on your luck…

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Q: Where are the oxygen sensors located on a 2003 Ford Expedition?
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Those are the oxygen sensors in the exhaust above the catalytic converters.

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Oxygen sensors are located in the exhaust system. 4.3L example, one after each bank of cylinders, one before cat and one after cat converter.

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The Oxygen Sensors on a 2003 GMC Sonoma are located in the exhaust system. There is one Oxygen Sensor located where the two manifold pipes come together before the catalytic convertor. There is also another Oxygen Sensor located just behind the catalytic convertor before the tail pipe.

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The 4 cylinder models have two oxygen sensors, and the V6 models have four oxygen sensors.

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In the exhaust pipes, in front of and behind the converters.

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there are 2 oxygen sensors on the 03 Chevy cavaliers. one is located right by the exhaust manifold, this is you upstream. then the other, down stream, is located right behind u Cadillac converter. hope this helps!

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