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they are formed at the point of contact of lens and glass plate

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Q: Where are the rings formed in newton's ring experiment?
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What happened in newtons ring experiment if the glass plate is replaced by mirror?

if we use glass plate then ring's will be clear

What is the use of the newton's rings?

newtons ring is formed due to the consequtive circle of different radius of bright and dark in which the centre is dark

Why doses Saturn have a ring around it?

Saturn's rings formed when meteorites hit Saturn's moons; small pieces spread out and formed Saturn's rings

Did earth used to have a ring?

Yes.Earth had rings around it but then broke and formed our moon.

Why there are lines in air wedge and circles in newton's rings?

In air wedge there is uniform separation between the two slabes but in Newtons ring the thickness is varying

Why should you use a convex lens of large radius of curvature in performing newtons ring experiment?

Radius of rings is directly proportional to the square root of the radius of curvature. Thin lens would have larger radius of curvature and hence the option

Ringed equals past tense of ring?

No: to ring, rang, rung. The Past Tense is RANG. RINGED is an adjective formed as a Participle = something with rings.

What is the order of the colours obtained in newtons ring experiment if illuminated with white light?

The centre spot will be dark even when we use white source. As the radius of the ring is directly proportional to the square root of the wavelength, the violet being the shortest wavelength will come first and red will be the last as its wavelength is the longest in the visible region. Any how we cannot get sharp coloured rings around the black spot. Instead overlapping occurs and just multicoloured rings can be seen.

What will happen if a point source is used instead of extended source in Newton's ring experiment?

The rings may formd but the lack of intensity of light,the dark and light rings are not vissiable very well..

Describe the ring of Saturn and how they are thought to have formed?

No one really knows, however, it is thought to be fine particles of ice. All astronomic bodies have rings around them . Neptune and Uranus have rings. Our Sun has a ring around it, it is called the asteroid belt. It is arguable that the planets of the Solar System are separate rings; all be it, rings with only one particle. Under the Newtonian Laws of Universal Dynamics, rotating objects collect particles and gravitationally hold them in a ring formation.

Why is an extended source used in newtons ring experiment?

extende source is required to get nearly parallel rays of light

Why are tree rings becoming wider?

Wider tree rings generally mean there was heavier rain fall during the growth period which formed the ring. Variations in environmental factors such as sunlight exposure for photosynthesis, rainfall, fertilizers, etc, cause fluctuations in growth ring widths.