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The spark plugs are located underneath the cover. These cars have individual coil, so you have to take them off first. After that you will see the spark plus. The most difficult ones are located in the back of the motor.

To reach the front spark plugs you must remove the plastic cover using a 10 mm socket to remove 4 bolts. You will now be able to see the spark plug wiring. You will not see the big fat ignition wires that older cars have. You will see 3 coil packs held in place by 1 bolt each. Remove the 10 mm bolt. Carefully grasp the coil pack and pull. Underneath the coil pack you will see the big fat wire that goes to the spark plug. The spark plug will be found at the bottom of a now exposed 6" deep hole. Using a 5/8" socket remove the spark plug.

Note about tools. Having the right tools makes this job easier. The 5/8" plug socket should have a rubber washer inside to hold the plug. The spark plug extension needed to reach the bottom of the hole should be tightly attached to the socket. Otherwise it is difficult to remove the socket from the plug. You will understand once you do this.

Put a small/(TINY) amount of anti seize on the spark plug threads and install the plug. Do not over-tighten.

The rear plugs coils are visible between the tubes that make up the intake manifold. The drivers side back plug was the most difficult. It was removable by moving the throttle cables out of the nearby clip. I was able to remove all plugs using a combination of a 6" & 8" x 3/8"ratchet extensions. In the back it was necessary to disconnect the wire plug attached to each coil pack in order to be able to move the coil pack out of the way. In the front I left it connected and swung the whole assembly out of the way. One final note. Do not drop the screws holding the coil packs. Good luck.

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Q: Where are the spark plugs located on a 2000 infiniti i30?
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