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you need station cash if you want vault clothes, at station cash store in free realms go to farm section look at seeds there is one pack of seeds that is called vault seeds. they cost 100 station cash if you are not a member - but if you are a member they cost 90 station cash. after your purchased the seeds go to your farm and plant them. they take 24 hours to be ready, so check your farm after 24 hours. hope this helps :) see you in free realms. have fun and have a wonderful day.

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Q: Where are vault clothes on Free Realms?
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How do you get sweater vest in Free Realms?

get it in member vault but the vault is closed

How do you get pink flip flops in Free Realms?

You get pink flip flops on free realms from the Royal Vault. But sadly the Royal Vault closed quite a while ago.

Where can you get free clothes on free realms?

no nobody can get free clothes on free relms

Where do you get plaid shirt on Free Realms?

The Royal Vault, or cut a deal with a player, as they closed down the vault.

Where the quest is to get the pink blouse on Free Realms?

There is no quest to get the pink sweater blouse. You used to be able to get it in the free realms vault but now (I don't know why) the vault is closed. (This question was answered in March 2011).

How do you get vault berry seeds on Free Realms?

You get Vault berry seeds from buying them at the SC store, or finding the Royal Vault, which is the same thing as buying them.

Are vault beries tradable on Free Realms?

Nope they're bought with Station Cash.

Is there a cheat code to get goth clothes in Free Realms?


What are some Free Realms station cash codes?

Unfortunately, there are no codes for free Station Cash on Free Realms. They do have code for free clothes and potions though.

You want Free Realms cheat codes for clothes?

its easy realy just go on google and google in codes for free realms

Can you get sport shades on Free Realms?

You can get sport shades if you trade like 1,000,000 coins or 100,000 coins or you can trade super duper rares , such as: vault items coins and tcg packs or clothes! Good luck tho!

Where to find the royal vault on Free Realms?

Well first of all you can't get into the royal vault anymore if you played the old Free Realms THEN you would get in. But if you go to the sanctuary, go where the royal vault is closed, talk to the big monster standing in front of it, and he will give ya some seeds. You plant your seeds at your wilds farm. (You MUST need SC to buy the seeds.)