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Try this
Click the Electric guns tab then on the top left of the page, paste this in there

UTG AK-47 WarHawk Gen 3 AEG Airsoft Rifle

it is currently out of stock =( but it is considered one of the better rated AK's for the price

P.S. its 140, but the extra 20 is definitely worth it!

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Q: Where can I buy a good airsoft AK 47 or AK 74 for under 120?
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There is no store in Ohio ... I would buy online

What is a good airsoft gun for 50?

You will find many decent airsoft pistols for ~$50 but nothing more. Don't buy an AEG under $140 or so.

What is the world best airsoft sniper for under 140?

UTG M324 is a great buy and it is about $120. It has great hop up, it is compact, and it is relativity silent and accurate.

Is there a website were you can buy a scar Airsoft rifle for under 50?

Not a good one. I think you may be able to buy an airsoft SCAR for 50, but it will be plastic and you will have to cock the gun before firing each time. the good Airsoft Scars which are full metal and battery powered are around 200 or more.

Where to buy airsoft guns in Mass?

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depends on what you buy and if you can fix it

What is a good website to buy good airsoft guns?

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ASGC in Parnell

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No silencer is going to actually "silence" your airsoft gun since the sound is coming from the gearbox, not the barrel. But a good place to get a mock silencer would be Airsoft GI and

Do you need a guardian to buy an Airsoft gun in Worcester?

Yes, if you are under the age of 18.

Can you buy an airsoft gun in Illinois under the age of 18 if you have a FOID card?

No its not illegal you just cant carry your airsoft gun around