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I read a magazine that talked about above ground pool liners. Where can I get some above ground pool liners?

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Q: Where can I buy some above ground pool liners?
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What are some good above ground pool liners?

The Beaded liners are very popular today, they give much more attractive appearance to your pool as nothing hangs over the walls.

What are the benefits of installing pool liners?

While fitting in my new pool, I was instructed by my pool construction workers to get some pool liners for my pool. What does a pool liner do?

Above Ground Pool Decks?

An above-ground pool can be a great choice for many homeowners and their families. When installing a raised deck for an above-ground pool, there are several important things to remember. It's essential to make sure that a raised deck can be connected to the lip of an above-ground pool. In some cases, an above-ground pool may be a separate structure from a deck. This can be a serious tripping hazard for people entering a pool.

Are above ground and in ground pool motors the same?

They are similar, but there are some differences between the two.

Pool Repair?

Many pools have vinyl liners. As the pool ages, the vinyl liner will oftentimes become cracked. These cracks cause water to drain out of the pool, which can result in greater damage. One should never fail to repair this type of leak. The best way to repair this is to patch the crack or hole with a patch kit. These patch kits can be bought both in stores and online. There are different types of patch kits, some of which are meant to be used above water and some below the water. This type of pool repair is relatively simple.

Are all pool liners made of vinyl or is there a better choice for longevity?

Not all pools have pool liners, some are simply painted concrete. Depends upon your type of pool. If you are concerned with longivity, then consider a thicker vinyl.

Can you put an above ground pool on concrete?

I would not, you need some kind of cushion for the floor to lay on and the bottom of the pool needs support at the edges. That is done by contouring the ground.

How much does it cost to dissemble an existing above the ground pool?

That depends on the size of the pool and who is doing the job for you. suggest that you get some local quotes.

What happens if you skip the top rails of an above-ground vinyl liner pool?

You loose some stability.

Could you change pumps on your above ground pool?

i guess. just buy some that are the same size

Is it OK to backfill around the outside of an above ground pool?


How do you level a yard for an above the ground pool?

the best way to keep it levaled is get some smooth flat wood put it under the pool if the ground is tilted stack em to the most tilted side if it is a ifaltable pool do the same thing

Are swimming pools aluminum?

The walls of some above ground and some inground vinyl liner pool kits are made of aluminum.

What is the average square footage of a swimming pool?

Pools come in all sizes, and some are in-ground and some are above ground. It also depends on if it is a public or private pool and what the purpose of the pool is. Private pools can range from 12 ft. _ 24 ft. to 20 ft. _ 40 ft.

How much does it cost to purchase a pool cover?

This will depend on the size of your pool. sells some. The smaller, above ground, pool covers can be bought for less than 10 dollars but the larger the pool, the more you pay.

My pool is above ground pool I have some rust spot on the outside walls can I paint it and question When you touch them it springs a leak is the water coming from my pool areis it moister that's behin?

The wall is rotted and your pool is unsafe. Time for a new pool.

Where do you get the water to fill above ground pool?

hose or some places the local fire dept will come and fill it for you for a donation

What is the reason that they color the pool blue not other colors?

Pools are not colored blue. Some pool liners are blue. Some are green, yellow, and black is a popular color.

Can you repair a wall that is busting on an above ground pool?

If it was made in the first place it can always be repaired by some one. Is it woth repairing.

Some sand in bottom of your pump from vacuuming pool above ground is this normal?

If you are getting sand coming into the pool and have a sand filter you may have to replace worn laterals in the sand filter.

Why is my chlorine reading always low on my above ground pool even though I keep adding the recommended amount of chlorine granules?

Possibly you need cyanuric acid to stabilize the pool. Available at the pool shop. Try adding some 12.5% liq. chlor plus the above product.

How to Maintain an Above Ground Swimming Pool?

For thousands of dollars less than an in-ground pool, many consumers are electing to purchase an above-ground version. Above ground pools are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be installed in a matter of days. There is nothing more refreshing than a cool dip in a pool on a hot summer day! But that refreshing dip can become less than pleasant if the water is not sparkling and crystal clear. Like in-ground pools, above ground pools require constant monitoring of chemicals and proper maintenance. With a little instruction and some dedication, the above ground pool can be an inviting place to swim for years. For pools without a deck, a simple trick can eliminate debris from being tracked into the pool. Place a small kiddie pool at the bottom of the steps. Before entering the pool, swimmers wade through the kiddie pool, eliminating excess grass clippings, dirt, etc. Chlorine is key for maintaining the above-ground swimming pool. The primary purpose of chlorine is to inhibit the growth of algae and bacteria. Chlorine levels must be checked daily and monitored closely. Maintaining chlorine levels is easy. Floating chlorine canisters are the easiest way to keep chlorine levels constant. Pools should be vacuumed as needed, usually once to twice a week is sufficient. Pool supply stores sell an attachment that connects to a common garden hose. Once the attachment is made, use a pole specially designed for pool cleaning and vacuum the bottom of the pool. For those who prefer an automatic option, automatic vacuums are available at pool supply stores. They can be purchased for $150 - $500. Even when the pool has an uneven bottom, these vacuums work very well. Covering an unused above ground pool is an easy, inexpensive way to add years of enjoyment to the pool. The cover will keep dirt and leaves out of the pool. These items, especially if left unattended during long periods of non-use, can clog up the pool’s filters. With some simple instructions, a little money, and a little time, an above-ground pool can provide years of enjoyment at a fraction of the cost of an in-ground pool.

Can above ground pools be placed on concrete?

yes they long as you use some kind of padding under the happybottom.... and a pool cove where the pool meets the concrete....i believe anyways..........

Why is the zeolite in my hayward filter getting in my above ground swimming pool?

Zeolite is lighter than sand and smaller than sand. It can get past the laterals and backwash out easier. When backwashing some of it will be in the valve. Rinsing will remove some of it but some will go to the pool.

Can you install an above ground vinyl pool inground?

Apparently you can I spoke to some one who did this as he was not interested in the hassle of having to remove an in ground pool later on when he got sick of it. The method he used was quite simple. He used a 5' deep above ground pool with powder coat zincalume surround. I forgot the dimensions of the pool but it was pretty big one. # Dig a hole to the depth required he had a fall in the land so he left the top rail of the pool about 4" / 100mm above the ground on the up hill side and ended up about a 1' / 300mm above the ground on the down hill side # make sure the hole floor is level and then cover it in about 4" / 100mm of washed river sand. # Build the pool inside the hole. # install necessary plumbing. # Fill the pool. # After the pool is full of water back fill the gap between the pool and the ground with a 10 to 1 mix of sand cement. He told that this lasted him 20 years at which time the liner needed replacing when he took the old liner out he found that the rest of the pool was still in top condition.