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I would recommend researching tanning beds on a review website called This website features recommendations for home tanning beds and what benefits tanning beds might have for you.

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Q: Where can I find more information on tanning beds?
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Where can one find more information about home tanning?

One can find more information about home tanning form the following sources: Get Brown, Indoor Tanning, Self Tanning, SunFX, Maskcara, Skin Cancer, Tanning Beds, WikiHow, to name a few.

Where can I find out more information about the safety of sun tanning beds?

Sun tanning beds are definitely not safe. Most tanning salons are required to have a poster when you go in that warn you of the dangers of being exposed to light.

Where might one find used Wolff tanning beds?

Wolff tanning beds are available through many places. However, when looking for used Wolff tanning beds, it might be a little more difficult finding one. First, try using Craigslist to see if anybody has one for sale. If not, at Wolf Tanning there are tanning beds by Wolf Tanning and are used.

Are Wolf tanning beds highly rated?

Many Wolf tanning beds do use a high pressure tanning system, which makes them more effective in evenly distributing a tan, and also makes them more costly than regular beds.

What do doctors recommend in terms of using home tanning beds?

In terms of using home tanning beds, doctors recommend you don't do it because of the size and fire hazard. You can read more at

What is the difference between omega and omega plus tanning beds?

An Omega Plus tanning bed has more features than an Omega tanning bed. People use tanning beds for a quick tan.

What is more harmful the sun or tanning beds?

the sun

Do tanning bed work faster then sun tanning?

yes. because the UV is more direct in tanning beds.

Do any tanning beds have cooling units for a more comfortable tan time?

yes , the SOHO tanning beds have cooling units for a more comfortable tan time.

Where can someone find more information on Melanoma Skin Cancer?

Melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer which is likely caused by UV rays from sunlight and tanning beds. You can find more information about this type of cancer by contacting the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Are tanning beds safe for children?

Tanning beds are a potential danger for adults and probably even more so for children since their skin is more delicate. I would never recommend placing a child in a tanning bed.

How much does a used Wolff tanning bed cost?

Used Wolff tanning beds can be found online ranging from around $800-$1000. The price depends on the quality and condition of the tanning bed, and also when it was manufactured. Newer tanning beds tend to cost more.