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You can get billing and coding training by looking online and finding a course that teaches billing and coding. That's where you can get billing and coding training.

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Q: Where can I get billing and coding training?
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Where is the best place to receive billing and coding training?

You get your medical coding & billing training from CHCP, you attend an externship site, where you will receive hands-on clinical training. Hope this information helps.

Where to find billing and coding training?

You can get medical billing and coding training online at However, I think you may want actual university work.

Where can I get medical billing and coding certification training online?

You can get medical billing and coding certification training online at Another good website is

What is the best Degree to have in Billing Coding?

CPC certification from the AAPC. The best way to achieve this certification easily is by getting the right training for medical billing and/or coding (they can be taken at the same time). You can do this with online training programs or training centers or a vocation/associate degree from a university offering it.

What do I need to get a billing and coding certification?

You will need anywhere from 3-5 years training at a college or university and at least two years experience to pass the certification exam to be a billing and coding specialist.

What makes Hunter College's medical billing and coding training unique?

After researching the website I do not see much difference in Hunter's College's billing and coding program from other colleges. Here is a overview of its program if you're interested:

Do chiropractors work on back of the neck pain?

You can find reliable information about gaining your medical billing and coding license on the medical university websites. Many of the online universities offer medical billing and coding training programs.

Can medical coding and billing training prepare me for a work-at-home job?

Probably not. Training in medical coding and billing would only allow you to do so much without actually having some in office experience. Most people who graduate from medical coding and billing classes still have to work in office to get that kind of experience before they are able to move onto finding a job that would allow them to work from home.

How do I find information on taking a billing and coding practice test?

Check your local town office or a local hospital. They can help you find billing and coding practice tests as part of your training. Good luck and hope you find a job!

How long does it take for billing and coding training classes?

Medical billing and coding is a respectable certificate especially when the medical field is in high demand. The length of time people take to finish this course in its entirety is around 12 months.

How does medical billing and coding relate to sociology?

how does sociology and psychology relate to medicl billing and coding

How can I earn my medical billing degree online?

Ameritech College offers Associates of Applied Science in Medical Billing and Coding, Performance Training Institute offers Medical Office Administrative Specialist with Billing and Coding, Bryant & Stratton College offers AAS - Medical Reimbursement & Coding and University of Phoenix offers Medical Records (Associate's).