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The Insurance Rates website allows one to compare car insurance rates in order to find the best coverage for teen drivers. One can also get car insurance quotes online from different car insurance companies such as Progressive, GEICO, and State Farm.

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The cheapest way to save money for a teen driver is to talk to your current auto insurance rep. You can also try Progressive. They will compare rates for you.

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Q: Where can I get the teen driver car insurance?
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Is the car insurance for a teen driver expensive in California?

Yes, car insurance for a teen in California is expensive. But then, car insurance for a teen driver is expensive everywhere. The least expensive way would be to them to your existing policy, you may get a discount.

Do you need to purchase car insurance for teen driver?


Which car insurance company in Virginia offer the lowest rate for teen driver?

It is difficult to give you an exact company due to the fact that I do not know all the details of the teen driver you are referring to. However, I do suggest you visit where you will be able to compare prices for insurance for your teen driver in your area.

How can a new driver reduce their insurance cost in New Jersey?

Hi! To lower your car insurance you should consider asking for a higher deductible. If you are a new driver (a teenager) you may be able to find teen car insurance discounts.

What company might have the cheapest insurance for a teen driver?

Any company at any time might have the lowest rate for a teen driver for any car in any state. You will have to make calls to get the quotes from the various insurance companies in your area.

Can your parent have non driver's insurance but have their teen as a driver on their insurance?

As long as you have auto insurance yes.

Where can a teenager find cheap car insurance?

There are a few websites that offer cheap car insurance for teens, you can search for it online. There are also a lot of ways to reduce the insurance like keeping the teen as an occasional driver or by taking a driver-training course.

What is the recommended car insurance for a teen driver in Florida?

The state of Florida requires drivers to be insured for $100,000 liability and $10,000 medical which will not fully protect the car. Insurance rates depend on the car and the age and record of the driver, and they are considerably higher for teenagers.

How can I get a low rate on car insurance for a teen driver?

You can't, to be honest. Some things you can do to lower it a little are keep the teen's grades up and have him or her take a driver's ed course before getting his or her license.

What kind of car insurance will I get for a teen driver in California?

Car insurance coverage's for teens varies from state to state and for getting the information about the teen insurance coverage's insurance in California you can call Geico customer care and talk with the executive and then for the rates you can negotiate with 2 to 3 providers and then pick the best one

Is auto insurance more expensive for teen drivers driving sports cars compared to regular vehicles?

Auto insurance rating multiplies the base insurance rate for a car times the factor for the driver. So a car which has bad experience, multiplied by teen driver (much more likely to kill someone in an accident), results in higher premium.

Do grades affect teen driver car insurance rates?

Car insurance policies are offered by insurance companies and not by the state. Different insurance companies have different policies and may offer different types of discounts. Many insurance companies offer good driver discounts as well as multiple policy discounts.