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You can go to www.

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Q: Where can I obtain the lyrics of The Yo-Yo Song by Billy Cotton?
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Is it possible to obtain the Mr Rock and Roll lyrics a song composed by Cotton Lloyd and Christian in 1975?

Is it possible to obtain the Mr Rock and Roll lyrics by Cotton, Lloyd and Christian 1975? Thanks.

What song has lyrics Skirts skirts love those skirts?

The 1933 song "skirts" begins.. Skirts, i love those skirts... Its a cracking song by billy cotton& his band and sung by sam browne.

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The lyrics to "Honesty" by Billy Joel can be found on many websites. Among them are Billy Joel, AZ Lyrics, Lyrics 007, Sing 365, Lyrics Depot, and Song Meanings.

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There are a few places where one can find the lyrics to the Billy Talent song "Standing in the Rain." Song Meanings, Sing365, and AZLrics are online sites that conveniently have these lyrics available.

What are the lyrics to the stroke by Billy Squire?

There is no song called the " Stroke "

Who sang the song that has the lyrics which way you going billy?

the poppy family

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Get Out Of My Dreams (And Into My Car) by Billy Ocean

What Are The Lyrics to Billy Moore's song Sometimes I Think Of You?

i think so

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beach boys Cotton Fields

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flesh for fantasy by billy idol.

Did bowie sing a song that has the lyrics its time for a white wedding?

No, That was Billy Idol

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Billy Joel is the singer of a song called "And So It Goes" although there are several other songs with those lyrics.

What are the lyrics to keeper of the reaper in SpongeBob.?

The lyrics to 'keeper of the reaper' aren't in SpongeBob. That song is in 'The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy'.

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Which Way You Goin' Billy by The Poppy Family

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Well, Mika has a song called Billy Brown about a man with a who is married but has a gay lover.

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Billy Joel, My Life

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Billy Joel. It is also the title of the song. He also wrote the song which he began as a rap song.

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Where can I get lyrics to the song tootsie roll by the group billy ward and the dominoes?

You may want to try, that's where I go to find all my lyrics or try youtube and in the search engine type lyrics for Billy Ward and The Dominoes.

What is the song that goes where did it come from where did it go where did you come from?

The song is called "Cotton Eyed Joe", but those are not the correct lyrics. That particular part of the song goes: "Where did you come from, where did you go, where did you come from, cotton eyed Joe?" That is part of the chorus of the song

Where can one find the original lyrics of the song Wicked on Broadway?

The original lyrics to the song Wicked on Broadway can be found in many places. The best place to obtain accurate original lyrics would be the play manuscript.

What artist performs the song containing the lyrics 'Sunday'?

bloody Sunday billy idol

Who sang the Motown song with the lyrics When I am with you?

Could be With You I'm Born Again, by Billy Preston and Syreeta