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1. Babysitting 2. Dog walking 3. Chores around the house 4. Things like paper routes, lemonade stands ect. 50 CENTs 5. Selling your stuff 6. Being a tooter

Oh, yeah, I heard when you turn 13, you can work for five hours on Saturday in stores by doing small things.

AnswerBabysitting, lawn mowing, weeding someone's yard, dog walking or pet sitting (for fish, hamsters, birds, lizards, etc) for people who go on vacation. Answerlawn mowing, cleaning peoples windows, taking out there trash, things like that. i was really surprised at the things people would pay young kids to do just so they don't have to. mostly older people. i used to sell GRIT magazines. AnswerDifferent states and countries have different child labor laws, but in most Western countries you must be at least 14 years of age to hold most "regular" jobs.
  • Babysitting
  • Baby watching, where you entertain the child to give parents the opportunity to get tasks done around the house (cleaning, taxes, or anything else) that they have a rough time taking care of while dealing with a child
  • Walking dogs or pet sitting
  • Lawn care, e.g. mowing lawns or raking leaves (a lot of people despise even having to water their lawns.
  • Going to the shops for the elderly
  • Cleaning jobs for friends, family, and neighbors, such as tidying garages or washing windows.
  • Car washing, i.e. cleaning cars, vans, lorries, etc
  • Paper rounds/routes
  • Selling household items, i.e. yard or garage sales
  • If you have any outstanding skills, then definitely put them to work. For example, if you play an instrument well, give music lessons. If you're really good at Math, Science, English, or any other school subject, then tutor kids of a lower grade level. If you're really good at building websites, then offer your services to new businesses (As one FAQ Farmer attests, "I built a website for a local golf course and made big bucks when I was twelve, and HTML is really simple to learn.")
  • If you're the arts-and-crafts type, then find a craft you really enjoy making, and then sell them. Anything from making greeting cards (in which case, take advantage of the season: make Christmas cards at Christmas, Valentine Cards at Valentine's Day, etc), to making pillows, potholders, jewelry, and everything in between. People really love handmade things.
  • Sell lemonade
  • Think about creative ideas, such as cooking for seniors, or opening a mini arcade.
  • Volunteer community service, such as helping the elderly.
  • Ask around at local businesses. For example, sweeping up hair in a hair salon or picking up phones in a shop.
  • Caddy at a golf course
AnswerIf you are really good at doing hair like scalp braiding or twisties or something you could have people pay you to do their hair AnswerIt depends on the location, and the actual job. In Canada, (s)he must be at least 16 in order to work for a registered business. If (s)he is working for someone private, then age restrictions may be waived depending on the private employer's requirements. AnswerAll kinds! There is yard work, like raking, mowing, weeding gardens, or even shoveling in the winter. There is dog walking, or even newspaper delivery. One thing that you can do is to have your mom or dad help you make up your own personal "business cards" on the computer. You could then hand these out to your neighbors. They could tell your name, and what you can do. If possible, try to have set prices for things you will mow a yard for this much, or rake for this much. Remember to adjust your prices accordingly if it is a much smaller or much bigger job than average. Always give a fair amount of work for a fair price. Remember, word gets around if you are a good worker, as well as if you are not.

Well, first of all babysitting, paper routes, allowance, walking dogs, etc. There is a good one I did as a kid, I lived in an apartment complex and i went around asking people if I could take their trash out for a couple bucks, after an hour I had about $8. It's a pain but at the same time, a job...

AnswerAnother job that a lot of people haven't mentioned is a helper at a horse ranch, even if you live in a rural area they should at least have one horse ranch. Its a great job because you get to work with horses, feed them, ride them, except for the fact that you have to pick up after them.

Plus I bet it pays a good amount of money for the average teenage girl.

AnswerIf your 12 and up you should start out small like getting your parents to give you an allowance, babysitting, and do work for your neighbors. then as you get older, go searching for a job. Answer for Virginia State:You must be 14 years of age to have an established job in the state of Virginia. This does not include things such as yard work or babysitting. You could work at a place like Kroger at the age of 14, depending on their specific requirements, but you will need a work permit until you turn 16. AnswerUnfortunately there are few opportunities for those under the age of 16. When I was 12 (about 8 years ago) I mowed lawns with some friends. It was a team kind of thing.

I went around and gave out business cards to all the people in the neighborhood and let them know that we knew what we were doing and were available anytime.

Estimate the cost of a yard. Remove money for large areas like pools and add money for obstacles such as swing sets and small trees.

Figure out how much money it would take for you to want to do the job.

After you hook about 6 solid customers get an employee. Have them mow some 3 easier lawns with 90% commission and get some more. Essentially the idea is to create a territory.

After one of your employees finishes a job call the homeowner back and ask them "Was your lawn mowed adequately today?" If not go fix it.

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By selling there organs. o-o *big brraaiiinnn) but i lost it-

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Q: Where can a 12-year-old get a job?
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