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(Edit, sorry, the last answer was from a stereotype illiterate, take it from an ACTUAL 14 year old who lives in Detroit)

There isn't that much job opportunities out there, it's a struggle, YES I KNOW! Try mowing lawns, join Soup Kitchens, and or babysit! They all earn money! Or even try Family Dollar or Dollar Tree, they MAY accept you.

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2014-04-23 21:12:14
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Q: Where can a 14-year-old find a job in Detroit?
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Where can a 15 year old find a job in Detroit Michigan?

in mds

Is Detroit the worst city to live in?

No. However, it may be the worst city to try to find a job in.

Where can one find a listing of Enterprise jobs in Detroit?

There are several options, first it is possible to search for a job. Secondly a job carreer center in Detroit or a headhunter agency. The local newspaper is also a good start.

Where can a 15 year old find a summer job in Detroit Michigan?

Try This website ------you might like it

How do you get a job with the Detroit Tigers?


Where can I find jobs for felons in the greater Detroit area?

There are many jobs for felons in Detroit. Many companies will not do background checks and you will be able to work there. Just work hard on the job to not cause attention.

Where can we find job listing for warehouse jobs?

You can find warehouse jobs available in the Detroit Michigan area by checking out the following site I hope this helps in your search.

Are there any auto manufacturers with job openings in Detroit?

I'm unable to post a link here, but yes. There are ejob openings with auto manufacturers in Detroit. You can find the same listings on websites like Monster.

Which resources can be used to help find a job in Detroit?

The local Detroit classified ads can be used as well as the local employment agencies. Also, classified ads and jobs listings for specific cities can be found online.

Where can I get information on how to search for a job as a physician in Detroit?

You can get information on how to search for a job as a physician in Detroit in a couple of places. You can visit an unemployment office, where they'll advise you on job hunting. You could also try a career adviser.

Is Detroit a terrible city?

No, Detroit is not terrible. It is a difficult place to find a job and there are many homes and families below the poverty level. But it has a vibrant base, professional sports teams, many entertainment options and lots of diversity.

Where can a 16-year-old find a job in Detroit?

A 16 year old may be able to work in fast food restaurants. Grocery stores may also be a possibility for a 16 year old who lives in Detroit.

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