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Golf course is the answer my friend.....good pay and free golf!

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โˆ™ 2006-05-03 01:01:47
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Q: Where can a 14-year-old in Spokane Washington find a job?
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Where can a recent felon find a job in Spokane Washington?

The affend employment services in Washington offers convicted felons jobs.

Where can a 15-year-old find a job in Spokane Washington?

huskies or cougs?

How do I find medical job vacancies for hospitals in Spokane, Washington?

To find medical job vacancies in Spokane, visit,-WA. You can also search all hospitals at

Where can a sixteen year old get a job in Spokane Washington?

Anywhere that you are qualified for try a grocery store.

Can someone recommend a good job search plus resume writing service in the Spokane, Washington area?

Spokane Resume is at 815 East 35th Avenue, Spokane and the phone number is (509) 624-4520. They can help with the resume. As far as job finding services, I would try

Where can a 14 year old find a job in Spokane WA?

baby sitting somones kid

Is there a site to help me find jobs in Washington?

There are a lot of sites to help you find jobs in Washington, such as or or but make sure you find the correct job.

Where can I find a butcher job in Washington DC?

To find a butcher job in Washington DC you can check out local butcher shops or grocery stores. Ask if there are any jobs available. You can also check local classified ads and websites such as

Where can a 14 yea old find a summer job in Washington dc?

did you try the whitehouse lol.

Where do I go to learn about Spokane city job opening?

You can search for jobs in the city of Spokane at They currently have police officer, clerks and police dispatcher jobs available.

What school subject did Washington use most on his job?

What school subject did Washington use most on his job?"

Where can I find a job in Washington?

Like anything else, it will depend on your level of experience, location, wage expectations, education, and skill. is a great place to start looking for a Washington State job. They have listings for both the private and public sector.

Are there any executive chef job openings near Spokane?

At the moment, there's pretty slim pickings. The best at the moment is with a company called Sodexo, which is looking for someone in Spokane to handle the culinary management of their northwestern area.

What job did Martha Washington do at Valley Forge?

she did nursing as a job

Where can i find a job in Washington DC,despite not having a high school diploma?

You can check and click on your state . They have a ton of job postings for non high school graduates.

Did Geoge Washington have a job?


What did Washington do for a job?

Got kicked (:

Why does Washington accept the job if he has reservations?

Washington accepts the job because he already has the support of the American people and he does not want to let them down.

Can you help me find a job in the dc area?

There are many jobs available in the Washington DC area. People can look for work on company websites or at job fairs that are held throughout the year.

Where do one find providence jobs?

Someone who is profession in health and service would find providence jobs anywhere locally. If he is able to travel, he will find a job anywhere. Most jobs are in Washington.

What jobs can a fourteen year old get in Washington state?

One job that a 14 year old can get in Washington state is babysitting jobs. They can also find odd jobs from friends of family members.

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How old do you have to be to get a job in Seattle Washington?


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How old was George Washington when he got his first job?

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