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Golf course is the answer my friend.....good pay and free golf!

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2006-05-03 01:01:47
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Q: Where can a 14-year-old in Spokane Washington find a job?
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Where can a 15-year-old find a job in Spokane Washington?

huskies or cougs?

Where can a recent felon find a job in Spokane Washington?

The affend employment services in Washington offers convicted felons jobs.

How do I find medical job vacancies for hospitals in Spokane, Washington?

To find medical job vacancies in Spokane, visit,-WA. You can also search all hospitals at

Where can I find job listings in Mead, Washington?

The best way is by using a service which provides local classified ads online. You can find one of the single best for the general Mead/Spokane region at

Where can I find jobs in Spokane?

One can find jobs in Spokane by applying online on sites like Craigslist. One can also find a job by going to an employment center where they will help one find a job.

Where can a sixteen year old get a job in Spokane Washington?

Anywhere that you are qualified for try a grocery store.

Where can I find service job listings for Spokane county?

You can find service jobs in Spokane by visiting You can also try

Can someone recommend a good job search plus resume writing service in the Spokane, Washington area?

Spokane Resume is at 815 East 35th Avenue, Spokane and the phone number is (509) 624-4520. They can help with the resume. As far as job finding services, I would try

Where can a 14 year old find a job in Spokane WA?

baby sitting somones kid

Where online can I find Washington University job listings?

One can find Washington University job listings on sites like Craigslist or Kijiji. One can also find Washington University job listings by visiting a job center where they will help one find and apply to all available Washington University jobs.

What are the current job vacancies in Spokane?

There are many different types of jobs in Spokane. You can apply for a construction job, a cashier, bartender, painter, convenient store clerk and many other types of jobs.

Is there a site to help me find jobs in Washington?

There are a lot of sites to help you find jobs in Washington, such as or or but make sure you find the correct job.

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