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Where can a 15-year-old in Georgia get a job?

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in a state Georgia or in a country

Yes, but it depends on what job it is.

georgia is on the 12th place.good job

One could find jobs working for the City of Fairburn in Georgia on websites such as Indeed, Fairburn, Yahoo, Job Monster, Georgia, Snaga Job, Fairburn Georgia or Simply Hired.

It depends on where you are; call your daughter's high school and ask for their advice.

Accepted a job as a tutor in Georgia.

It is hard to get a Job,People are getting fired.

their parent may not have money or a job

Some of the jobs that were available in Colonial Georgia included blacksmith, cobbler, and printer. The Georgia Colony lasted from 1732 to 1777.

Many Job Agencies in the state of Georgia have a website with all available jobs listed. Most of those websites have the option to apply for a job right away, or one can visit Job Centers in person.

She technically had no job. She was a teacher for a while and a professor. She taught people how to paint, ..., for a while only.

To look for jobs in the state of Georgia, go the main website of Georgia state and check the links to careers and jobs. This will show the availability of jobs. As to the degree of difficulty in finding a job, that will depend on the experience and education of the candidates looking for work.

Try a clothing store or restaraunt.

He was Governor of the State of Georgia.

One can find information about Georgia Southern jobs on the official job website of Georgia. On that website there is much information to be gathered about jobs in the region.

a fourteen year old can get a job at publix they can be a cashier,work in the flower section, and or be a bagger

Turner Jon corp Albany Georgia

Not if you are retired and have not held a job which you've lost.

No, I don't think so. You quit a job and that is why I say you can't. Check with the unemployment office.

There are a wide variety of jobs you can get in Georgia. These include working in the food industry, law, medicine, manual labor, as well as engineering.

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