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A 16 year old can get a part time job in a grocery store. They can also work at fast food restaurants after school.

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Q: Where can a 16-year-old find a part-time job in Birmingham UK?
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Where can a 16yearold girl find a job in Wolverhampton Willenhall area West midlands?

Subway in woverhampton town. or hair salons

Parttime job for 12th pass student in nagpur?

yes it is very helpful for students to get job for the life.

How old do you have to be to get a job in North Carolina?

it depends on what you wanna be if you wanna be a singer or an actress you can start and age 1!But normal job is around 16 and parttime is 14.Hope that helped!And i hope you find a good job.

Who is Claire kowal?

Claire Kowal is an assistant whale scrubber as a parttime job during the summer of 2008.

Where can a fifteen year old find a job in Birmingham Alabama?

store or restaurant

Where can a 15 year old girl in Birmingham find a job?

A 15 year old who lives In Birmingham can find work in restaurants as a hostess. They may also get jobs as bussers in the restaurants.

Do you need babysitting?

it is your choice. if you don't want to babysit then don't. if you do and you are responsible and mature and prepared and kind then go ahead. it's good for a parttime job.

Where can a 14 year old get a job in Birmingham?

Birmingham Alabama USA or Birmingham west midlands England? this is a worldwide site you know.

Should I Look For Cleaning Jobs in Birmingham?

People everywhere are having a difficult time making it, and it isn't always easy to find a job, even in a pretty big place like Birmingham. If you have exhausted your resources and are having a difficult time finding a job in Birmingham, you might be ready to give up, but you shouldn't stress yourself out. There are plenty of jobs in Birmingham, and cleaning jobs are often available as well.Why Look For Cleaning Jobs In Birmingham?Many people do not think that they can make a lot of money if they find a cleaning job, so you do not have to compete with as many people for the position if one is available. Luckily for you, these people are wrong. You can often make much better money with a cleaning job in Birmingham than you can with many other entry-level jobs, and you might find that you truly enjoy what you are doing.How Can I Find a Cleaning Job In Birmingham?There are plenty of cleaning jobs in Birmingham if you know where to look for them. Asking local cleaning companies if they are hiring is a good start, and there is always the possibility of starting your own cleaning business. You can also peruse classified ads and online job hunting websites to find a good cleaning job in Birmingham.Can I Make Good Money With a Cleaning Job In Birmingham?Although you might not think it, many people make pretty good money when they have a cleaning job. Regardless of if you clean the same houses over and over or if you clean tons of commercial businesses, you will be working hard, and a lot of people will appreciate it. Along with making a decent salary for cleaning homes and businesses, you may be eligible for a raise from your cleaning company or a bonus from the customers that you are cleaning for. In order to make the best money, make yourself available for work as much as possible, and do a good job every time that you clean. Although you might feel unappreciated at first, your hard work will pay off over time.

How much do harris teeter pay for part time?

$7 is what you would usually get per hour in any job for parttime. so $7 i think hoped that helped=)

What job did Martin Luther King Jr. have?

his first job was an minister in birmingham,al

Best reasons for a leaving a job to put on a job application?

the truth Answer Business needs, mention that you needed benefits if the job was parttime, or voluntary if the situation was intolerable. You do not need to explain if you were fired. You do need to keep things positive about your previous employer even if things were less than that.

Why or why not let your teenager work a part time job?

i think u should let them work parttime they can experience the real world and not mooch off their parents and teaches them a little responsibilty

What was gained at Birmingham State?

In the early 1960s Birmingham was the center of the Civil Rights Movement. As a result of the movement many stores in Birmingham were desegregated and job opportunities for African Americans improved.

Where can you get a job at 16 in Erdington Birmingham in the UK?

hi iam 16 I can do carwash job newspaper job shop job gardening I used to do if need one of them please call me on this number 07466530608

Where can a 14-year-old in Birmingham Alabama get a job?

The first time I got a job was when I worked for public schools.That was whan i was 14, but then 5 months later I found apaying job at a grocery store. You can always get a job with patiance and be always responsible.AnswerMy friend was only like 11 and he was an issistant security guard in Birmingham

Where can one find information about a job at BSA motorcycles?

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to obtain a job with BSA Motorcycles. BSA stands for Birmingham Small Arms company. This company manufactured arms and, oddly, motorcycles. Their motorcycles were manufactured during WWI and WWII. BSA Motorcycles LTD, which was a division of Birmingham Small Arms company went out of business in 1972. Therefore, there are no jobs available.

List of jobs for a 15 year old in Birmingham UK?

i need a job im 15 i live in ladywood i need a job to surpport my fmaily

Is Alabaster AL a good local job zone?

Alabaster, Alabama is located just south of Birmingham, Alabama on Interstate 65. Many job opportunities can be found in and around Alabaster, Pelham, Helena, Hoover and Birmingham, all within 30 minutes of Alabaster.

I was just lay off, not reason was given. It was a parttime job. I do receive social security. If I file for unemployment, what will happen to my social security?

In most states, California included, you can receive unemployment benefits while still receiving your full Social Security benefits.

Where can a 12-year-old find a job in Birmingham?

It is not legal in the UK for a twelve year old to work officially. It is possible that newspaper delivery girls/boys could be that young - more likely 14 though.

How do you get a job on sim 2 double deluxe?

you click on the newspaper and click find a job and it will say do you want this job or not and if u dont like tht job than click no. You can also find a job on a computer. Just click find a job and it will do the same thing :)

Does your employer need to find you another job if they fire you?

No, they are under no obligation to find you a job.

Where can you find a job as a purchaser?

One can find a job as a purchaser on the Indeed website. The Indeed website allows a person to find a job as a purchaser in the local area of the person.

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